Option to remove evade off cover

I rebound evade to a different key because i want to control exactly when I roll. Rolling off cover unintentionally is extremely frustrating and clunky. Can we please get this post more attention.


I play ALT and I hate when that happens. I wish i could disable rolling off cover and mantle.


Same here,
Was looking for this option yesterday


I play on classic alt and the issue has been present since gears 4. I begged for it to be fixed then and it got no where.

The whole reason to use classic alt is split evade /run and having evade off cover still bound to A is just super infuriating. I feel your pain op. Maybe tc will listen this time round.


We need an option to disable or toggle off evade/roll all together…


Yeeeeesssss, ive been wanting this for a long time. doubt it’ll ever change though…


I cannot agree with this thread anymore than I am right now. I have no idea why it happens, but I’ll be bouncing around, and instead of up-aing around the cover, I roll to the side and get bodied or roll into incendiary, etc. etc.

In general, it slows your movement down, makes it look sloppy, and is just horrible to see happen, and die from.


Totally agree with this post. Hopefully this gets the attention it deserves and they fix the classic alt scheme. Adding this option would make gameplay so much smoother for people who use this scheme like you and the rest of us. (When I default, I switch between the two when I play certain modes) I hate roadie running away from the shots and because of the little piece of cover next to me, I instantly get hooked into the cover and Bam I’m dead or dbno. Great post, good constructive feedback. :100: