Option for solo Que only in gears 4

Since this was hidden let me clarify it a tad. Ranked is obviously the more competitve environment with better players and more likely a more satisfying win or loss.

I understand the concept it’s a team game with many players not even going near ranked without a team. However, not everyone has a team to roll with at late hours of the night or on a regular basis.

Opening up the option to get into a full lobby of solo players would open up the chance to meet new people and enforce the idea of working together as a team and openly communicating with the others in your lobby.

As suggested by a few people a Free for all would be an excellent addition to the game with maybe smaller maps in rotation and a lobby size of say 6 or so.

Just some ideas to maybe alleviate the struggles if solo players and placing blame on the one guy who isn’t in your group.

Please feel free to expand and offer your own ideas.


For clarity sake, can you explain what you mean?

But anyway For ranked, I don’t ever think they going to do this. If you want to play solo, the best option would be to play social since ranked requires you to play as a team if you want to win.

People usually play in stacks because they want to win, playing solo, there is a likely chance you’ll if the other team is better coordinated.

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Why was this flagged? It’s a reasonable thing to ask for and discuss.

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Your guess is as good as mine.

People get hurt over a lot of things on the internet nowadays.

Anyway, back to the OP, I wouldn’t mind seeing a FFA mode? It would cater towards more solo players.

Some things Judgment did was good. FFA, Overrun, weapon tuning, even if the game wasn’t well received in the most important areas, it did have a few decent ideas that people are quick to forget/write off.

Probably got flagged because it’s vague at best and providing no insight of what could be done for solo players.

But anyway the only problem I see with FFA is the map and spawning. But other than that is a great idea. I have an idea for a FFA variant which I’m going to post later.

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Yeah, obviously the spawning and maps could be a problem. Although, if the maps are created with this in mind, it could make the mode slightly better. Larger maps perhaps?

It would cater towards competitive solo players, but not towards casual solo players, who may feel a little left out by this. So my suggestion isn’t really brilliant, but it’s acceptable.

I’m not a game designer, I don’t know how much work it would take, but if TC were to innovate and create a solo player mode, I wouldn’t say no.

I would accept a FFA mode.

FFA would also be beneficial for casual players as wel because it will help them to learn the mechanics and weapons of the game. So the mode can be both enjoyable to casual and competitive players so both types of players can improve their skill

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Edited a bit for clarity

Yeah, I don’t even know how it got here? I was in a post and hit reply and I guess while typing I hit a recommended post at the bottom. :joy:

Well do you have any thoughts on what’s stated above?

I completely agree that solo queuing ranked can be impossible in its current state for many of the game modes. If you’re in a high rank, it’s extremely risky because you can lose it all due to trash teammates or going up against a full stack of players.

Other games restrict you from queuing with a full stack, or they add matchmaking restrictions based on how many people you have. Our community may be too small tbh, but I would love a mode where you can queue with between 1-3 people, and another one for 4-5 stacks.

Also I’d like to state this isn’t supposed to be a thread complaining about stacked teams at all. Running in a group is a sound thing to do.

This is more or less trying to give solo players an option.

Honestly, anything which fragments the player community even more will cause more problems than it will solve.

Yes, but then you’ll force people to simply play something that requires a stacked team. Multiplayer should be catered to everyone not just esports, stacked teams.

What you appear to be indictating to me is that solo players shouldn’t play ranked at all since all the modes are “team based”.

To be fair, although Gears s largely a team based game Not everyone wants to play as a team and from what I seen a large proportion don’t (though they seem to be more casual / new players though).

I play solo, I play as part of a team.

My only problem with playing solo are AFK and quitters. As long as everyone plays and stays I don’t mind playing solo against teams. It’s a fun challenge.
Random teammates can be as good or better than people on the team…

I don’t think new modes is necessarily the answer, but one feasible thing would be to program it such that solo players are first matched with other solo players. Maybe make this an option to toggle. And then after a certain time, if not enough people can be found, you’ll have to play with/against squads.

Might or might not work depending on population and desired matchmaking times. For Gears 5, I think it’d be a great thing to have in the game right off the bat, I don’t see any reason people would not want this.