Optimized games crashing Series X

How come there doesn’t seem to be anyone on here bringing up issues with the new launch (I know plenty of people are having some issues- and others seem better than “normal”)?

Specifically, “optimized games” are HARD CRASHING consoles. Gears 5 (and tactics) are really the only optimized games I’m playing at the moment, but not really- because since Tuesday- both these games are crashing my console.

In gears 5: something is immediately wrong because instead of the current operation screen they display on first boot up is the OG one with Kait’s face front and center on the white background… oookay… then the standard publisher logos play, the omen load—- into a BLACK title screen with three words visible (press button prompt), but after eight seconds the console dies (leaves controller on).

This happens every time.

Gears tactics: I was able to get into my current chapter, but the game freezes at first “enemy turn” and then HARD crashes (see above).

Finally decided to try and play a game “not optimized” (Marvel’s Avengers) and it worked as expected… finally I got to play something since Tuesday morning and after a $1200 investment.

I’m keen on launch issues being a thing and Xbox issues in general—— so I’m being patient and hoping it’s a patch thing since most stuff seems to work as advertised…

But has anyone been having issues?!? There has to be!

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The SXs version of State of Decay 2, along with Tetris run sweet and creamy. Can’t comment on Series versions of Tactics or Gears5. They downloading.

I took holiday to play on my Series X

I’ve played Gears 5 optimised in the last two days

Campaign for 2 x 5 hour stints
Horde for 1 x 4 hour stint
A short burst of Vs AI bots for 30 mins

Not crashed once

So maybe I’m lucky?

Thank you OP for the info,I’ve got the series x ,but it’s for my son for Xmas,I’m hoping that nothing is wrong with it,but I’ve taken out insurance so crossing fingers nothing goes wrong seriously,but Yes I’ve viewed a few videos about the disc drive,Noise

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I’m experiencing this as well. Crashes twice on me while creating a match. Doesn’t shut the Xbox off tho like some other people are reporting with other games.

This is the only instance where I’ve seen the console crash something.

I too also have kaits face and the old bootup startup screen and not dizzy and skorge for op5

I ended up returning the console- it was defective…

Procured a replacement series x and all games work real good.

Only time I’ve had any trouble with this new console is a couple of times classic horde would freeze while match connected before lobby, but I just had to dashboard/quit game/restart.

As far as the splash screen with Kaits face and the winter theme… I think it’s just for Series X/S maybe and not a serious issue—— because everything after that initial screen is fine. Probably just an oversight, no need to be alarmed there.

However, defective units are real. The same thing happened when I tried to play COLD WAR as stated in first post… every “optimized game” wouldn’t even make it to a title screen even though any other game/function worked.

I’m of the mind to say that people upset they don’t have the new console aren’t missing out on much- unless you’re like me (was still putting massive hours on an OG xbone that was on its last legs) and upgrading is overdue. My bro has a one x and everything is comparable except load times for the most part.

I haven’t had a problem with gears 5 on my series X. Cold War actually worked perfectly for me at launch with the exception it was missing the split screen functionality.

However after an update around Thanksgiving holiday, Cold War crashes a lot if you have ray tracing turned on (at least in campaign). So I don’t know what happened with that update bc it was perfectly fine before that