Optimice GEARS 5 to run 300 FPS on PC part 1

Don’t forget most of the PC users love to play competitive games to 300 FPS and we use 144hz/240hz monitor is a standard on PC playerbase. Counter strike, quake champions, overwatch, Leage of legends are a few examples.

My suggestion

The game for sure will have ultra, high, medium and low settings. Add a new option called “Competitive-mode”.

This preset will have “advanced-mode-config” with features like: Texture size, Shadow texture size, model quality, effects quality, dynamic resolution etc. Allow the players config this option in order of archieve 300 FPS during our games.

Dev-team did amazing job with the optimization of GoW4 runing at 144hz.

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You can’t just magically make the game run at 300 FPS if there is no consumer hardware to support said hardware.

There is no setup that can do full 4K @ Max Settings 300FPS.

It’s nice to dream, but you have to accept reality.

I can run Gears of wars 4 in ultra at 1080p between 180 to 280 FPS on my PC. The problem is the engine was optimizated to keep 144 FPS stables and not 240hz+.

Nobody plays 4k/60 FPS multiplayer games on PC. Everyone play at 1080p&1440p/144hz and 1080/240hz. Pc players find ODD and laggy play at 60 FPS.

The PC playerbase use 4k 30/60fps to play AAA campaings like Tomb raider, Gears 4 campaing mode, resident evil 7, the witcher 3 etc.

Theres a new 2500 USD monitor 4k, HDR and 144hz. This is like the PIONER to pc gamers starts to play at 4k/144hz.

The new Intel CPUS 9000 series are coming out this weeks and the New Nvidia series are coming out soon

Gforce 1070 have 6 teraflops equal to a xbox-x
Gforce 1080 have 9 Teraflops superior to any console
Gforce 1080 Ti have over 11.3 teraflops almost twice as XBOX-X

The new series will have a potency between 12 to 18 teraflops. This can help to CLOSE the gap to start to play 4k/144hz on pc but 4k/300fps probably will not happen in the next 10 years.

No. Monitors with ultra high refresh-rate are still expansive, and not all PC gamers are tech enthusiasts.

Gears of War also means nothing when it comes to eSports on PC. The opposite of the games you mentionned.

I thought people play on low graphics in favor of frames regardless of specs?

I should have clarified that i too play on PC.

I was a Pc enthusiastic back when Crysis launched and spent many, many thousands getting that to run.

I aim to play Gears 5 @ 4K 200Hz when it launches.

I would never go back to 1080p gaming.

Quoting TFLOPs specs of GPUs vs the One X isn’t a direct conparison as they run differently.

A Xbox is dedicated to running games with the game optimised for that particular hardware.

A PC has to run windows and other programs and the game isn’t just made to run on one set of CPU, RAM, Drive and GPU.

Yes they are more powerful but the game needs to be able to use it all efficiently.

I can run Gears 4 on almost maxed out settings, 2K @ 60FPS but that’s only because my GPU is lacking on purpose as I held back until the next gen come out.

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I always play maxed settings @ 2K on my PC. I can hit 60FPS in almost every game too.

When they new wave of 4K HDR 200Hz monitors arrive, I will upgrade :+1:

I can and have played on ultra settings at 1080 while keeping around 100 - 125 FPS.

Lately I have changed though. I play on low settings other than char models, which I keep maxed, to maintain a solid 135-144 fps.

Yes, it used to be that way when desktop PC’s couldn’t manage stable 100+FPS. It was frequent to watch starcraft 2 tournaments with players running the lowest possible graphic settings that made the game look like starcraft 1. The same happened with many First Person Shooters.

Nowadays it doesn’t make sense to lower your settings if you can manage 100+fps on ultra.

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StarCraft II immediatly came to mind after @Asurazu_Rasu post. Pro players lowers the graphic settings to remove visual effects covering some details important in gameplay (something with the shadows and the terrain texture, don’t remember exactly).

I can understand it for the visual effects but for me it was: 4v4 all resources maxed out and the 8 armies would collide in the same place, the result always being a beautiful slide show running at 1-2 fps and would last for 2 minutes but if you configured everything on low settings and it was fine. Haven’t played a 4v4 in a while but I’m pretty sure there would be no need to run on low with todays average specs.

I get 220 + on all ultra settings