Optimal Fabricator spot in Jingle Juvies event?

So in my experiences, the starting room appears to be the best place to set up shop. Move the Fabricator to the back and deploy. Fill the opening with lvl 1 & 2 fences, you can put a few Turrets in the middle of the room for support. Finished Insane easily with this setup and we were just 3 players and 2 bots.

Just putting this out there, if you think there is a better spot please share, it seems many people like to place the Fabricator in open areas and me personally I found the small room a little safer overall, and you can even escape in the back if you need to. On the lower difficulties it doesn’t really matter all that much, I’m talking on the higher difficulties. Gotta milk this event for all its worth!

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I recommend one of the upstairs balconies. You can “glitch” Barriers and Sentries onto the central upper bridge (place them in “red” so to speak to they go into the low wall, climb over and you should be able to pick it out on the other side), so if you do this you just place a level 2 Barrier longways to slow them down and a single level 2 or 3 sentry will hold that bridge in definitely.

Elsewhere, you just set sentries on the stairway landing and the top of the balcony facing down the stairs and you got that area covered. It’s a small area, but as long as the Engineer repairs and reloads stuff then it’s easily held with relatively few fortifications as Juvies can’t get up at you.


Cool thanks I just finished a set on Insane and we placed it on the balcony, worked well overall with the fences placed in strategic places on all sides leading up to the balcony to slow them down so they don’t overwhelm you. You can go down really quick in the later waves if you’re too close to the explosive Juvies.

I prefer the other spawn. All you really need for master difficulty is a good Baird player and everyone to deposit to tear through things. Although things could get a bit hairy if a flock get’s into your base. First you build 4 barriers. 2 of which go on either sides of that wooden barrier. The next 2 on either sides of the fabricator that will be a safe distance behind the wooden barrier. Then upgrade the barriers upfront to level 2. Next 2 level 4 weapons lockers. Then a level 4 dummy. Turrets are optional. As a Baird player, you should be conservative with your ammo. Or at least until the lockers are sufficiently upgraded. Only use your embar in the early stages to heal the fortifications. After that go full hammer with it. Ideally you want to never use the repair tool. And hopefully your whole team is intelligent enough to avoid getting downed and killed but boom and dropshpt scions

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