Opportunity attack

Am I missing something or is the opportunity attack (where an enemy get a free attack if you get to close to them) broken af?

Both the Wretches and the Grenadier have this ability and both are close quarters combatants. Firstly this make melee attacks useless against them. It looks pretty dumb to be directly next to an enemy with your chainsaw rifle just to shoot it. But secondly these enemies obviously get close to your characters to attack them thereby meaning they get a second free attack on the same character as soon as you do anything with them. So no shooting them (I might be wrong about that one actually, you might be able to shoot them without triggering this ability) without get shot first, no melee, no moving, no nothing.

Now this is a particularly big problem when you inevitably get swarmed from the ten wretches they spawn in one turn away from you. When the wrenches inevitably fall upon a character the chance of them being downed becomes quite high! Once downed you are now unable to revive them without getting hit. There are a couple of counters to this of course. Healing grenades are a thing however as I very painfully descovered doing this without moving them first will probably get them insta down again as they are opportunity attacked by the three enemies surrounding them…

You can also have downed friendlies move position when downed without triggering the ability meaning you can revive them. I REALLY wish this was mentioned in tutorials as this would have saved me a great deal of frustration when my characters get continuously hit trying to revive downed teammates.

With the downed movement in mind this ability still seems brokenly powerful. Once an enemy enters striking range of a character and this character is not downed your options become severely limited. Being unable to retreat or attack without taking more damage seems to be nothing short of stupid to me. The only real option I can see is to hope you can clear or interupt all wrenches and grenadier around the character with other characters before performing an action with them. This would be difficult enough if it weren’t for the fact that friendly fire is also on.

I am missing something? How are you supposed to combat swarms of enemies when overwatch will only hit a few enemies if you’re lucky, usually hitting just one. Once you’re swarmed your stuck in a downing loop. I found this to be immensely irritating -_-

Please tell me there’s a good counter to this that I’ve missed!

TL;DR The opportunity attack where you get hit in proximity of CQC enemies is broken. It can paralyze characters when surrounded by more than one of these enemies or they’ll be downed. And once downed these characters MUST be revived otherwise they’ll be killed by the same CQC enemies next turn.

use snipers and scouts, scouts after a few levels have no need for healing as they can regen health upon cloaking and upon killing enemies mix that with their exertion perk which gives 3 extra actions along with the skill where cloaking gives a free action and they can just rush into enemies every couple of turns since cloaking ignores overwatch

i’m currently playing on the third hardest difficulty and my lvl 6 scout can just decimate everything. As for snipers they can also get a lot of free actions and in this game getting as many actions as possible is way to win , fast fingers-chain shot-ultimate shot and the skill that does bonus damage on full health enemies makes them a force to be reckoned with and if your shots hit the sniper can get 8-9 actions along with a free reload and if you miss your first skill shot it gets refreshed so you can instantly use it again if you get the skill for it

imo vanguards are the worst class once the oppurtunity enemies start getting thrown into the mix as the retro has pretty bad accuracy and a few of their skills rely too heavily on the bayonet . i usually run with 2 scouts,a support and a sniper, with my support being heavily focused on the teamwork skill tree (again action hoarding is stupid strong)

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The descriptions could use better wording or they could provide a little animation / video of how it works (think of Devil may cry) but since we have checkpoints, going for a try and error system proves a much faster learning experience.

Trying to revive someone surrounded by wretches? That one is going down no matter what so focus instead on dealing damage and delay the revive as long as you can. Picking the downed one with no enemies left proved a lot easier.

Also pay attention to the skill tree, it’s stupid the difference between a lv1 and a lv3. Won’t be surprised one bit if a lv6 can dominate the field like @NUBinbound said.