Opinions on the Hivebuster Skins?

What’s everyone’s opinion on the Hivebuster skins we keep getting? I hope the new ones for Kait/Del are confirmation that they’ll be joining the Escape mode sometime soon.

So far I think Del, Baird and Cole have been my favorites. With Keegan and Lizzie at the bottom for me personally.

Maybe it’s just me but I always saw the Hive skins above Winter, because the Winter skins to me look like a recolor with fur. And we’ve gotten no Store Desert skins other than Baird I’m pretty sure–which I liked more than the Winter variants.

I wasn’t able to pin it down until this morning when I was looking at Hive Del/Baird–the reason I like them is because they kind of have a mix of sci fi technology and Vietnam-looking clothing. Somewhat like Warhammer 40k Commandos, which is a series I am a fan of. But anyways, that’s just my reasoning.

Does anyone else like these skins? I personally think Lizzie’s would look better with her concept art welding helmet, same with Biker Gary, that rounded helmet sucks.


They said with hivebuster Kait that it doesn’t mean she’s coming to escape it only means that they’re not going to wait to release skins until you can use them (ie: Carmines)
So they’ve said no confirmation no Escape Kait. I imagine the same is true of Del.

I understand that, I just said I hope that it means we’ll be getting Kait/Del before say JD and Fahz.

I’d love it. But they keep on teaching us not to get our hopes up. Not for features, not for fixes not for keeping undocumented skill capabilities, nothing! So if they say that that having a hivebuster Kait is no reason to get excited about Kait in escape then they are extra serious about us not hoping for something and that is one of the things that TC does best - crush hope :laughing:


Honestly, I would rather have the Hivebusters in regular COG armor.


afaiac ben’s skin is the best. I suppose the hb skins telegraph pve changes but they still seem to lack imagination in the design. It’s a careful balance. Too wacky and people complain. Too boring and people complain.


Anything that exists, people complain.


I take umbrage at your remark.

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They all have a similar design of casual clothes under the HB chestpiece which has 3-4 variations, except for Keegan who’s more armored.

Surprised we haven’t gotten an Onyx Keegan or Islander Lahni like the Judgement Tai skin.

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I think the Hivebuster skins are mostly ok but I prefer the regular armored skins over these commando-esque type armors(which is apparently something TC were going for when they made the original three Hivebusters), or even just unarmored ones would look better. And they could’ve done something else for Kait than just throw the Scorpio logo on the armor, not that it’s really bothersome it is there on her. Also would’ve preferred the clothing for her lower body half to be closer to her post-Act 1 Gears 5 variants, but that’s just personal preference there. Her Hivebuster skin doesn’t have much going for it, unless you’re into Gears 4 Kait without a skirt which this is so far closest to.

The very first character skin sold in the Op 1 Store would like to have a word with this.

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Tbh, I think it means all Horde characters join Escape for Operation 4.

True buut that one to me just looked like her Hivebuster Skin with some islander/leather wear instead of the armor. Whereas Tai’s jungle variant seemed more warrior-esc.

Hivebuster skins are pretty boring imo.

But they are not the worst TC has made.

Are you talking about the dramatic differences between winter Marcus and collector’s winter Marcus? :sweat_smile:


I like hivebuster Baird, looks plain without being overly dull (to me).
Kait and Del? Sewage shade clothing. Ew.


Now now, we can’t critique an artist’s vision too harshly!

But tbh I sat out all OP2 and 70% of OP1 so I barely see (and saw) skins as they release :shushing_face:

All I can hope is Oscar skins come back… that potato body is OP in MP!


I thought art was meant to provoke thought :smile:


What do those skins mean to you then

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A: Kait, Lahni, JD (Prediction)

B: Mac, Del, Marcus

C: Lizzie, Fahz (Prediction)

D: Keegan, Cole

F: Baird

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What exactly are we supposed to take away from this?