Opinions on smoke grenades

Personally feel like frags & smokes need a lot of tweaking

For example, frags can be nukes or firecrackers, no in between.

But that’s already known.

My issue with the smoke grenade is mainly it’s ‘stun’ effect mixed with the screen shake

There are many instances where smokes have been thrown at me & my character still has full control (basically missed) but my screen proceeds to have a seizure, which I feel shouldn’t be present in the next gears.

I feel like smoke grenades shouldn’t work as stuns and should cover people a lot better than being able to easily distinguish silhouettes through them & just gnasher/chainsaw them, because it basically ruins the point of the smoke if it’s so easy to see it.


Smoke should just smoke.

The stun is a nuisance.

The shocks, Ink Grenades & Grenades are fine.

I don’t mind pickup stun nades either.

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I think they should bring back the knockdown. Nothing better than watching a team fall over and roll around on the floor!


The smokes are useful but range is messed up. If you are close the animation starts. Better than gow 2 smokes. I think it should just smoke

I think a flashbang could work well, just like in cod where it effects the enemies screen and you can still run round the corner and not be impaired by your own grenade struggling to see through the smoke

Also as I know this isn’t cod and needs to be doing it’s own thing, how about an effect that knocks your gun to the ground, so players had to change weapon to quickly defend themselves or find it before the enemy grabs it for ammo/steals a power weapon. Obviously this couldn’t be a grenade you spawn with as that would get stupid but a single spawning grenade that could disarm and disorient a group if perfectly placed would add another tactical dimension to the game, for instance you loose your gnasher, are stunned so have to retreat as the enemy rushes for an easy kill but you get away, change to enforcer, take down an opponent with a gnasher an get it back :slight_smile:

Smokes are fantastic. Most underrated tool in the game. Just annoying that they sometimes go off right beside an enemy and don’t choke them. Wish they’d fix that.


Smokes have a role to play and they do it well. None lethal, are sort of area denial and a bit of cover. Shock nades are semi lethal, area denial and frags are just mostly lethal.
But on the topic of grenades, lets just bring back the stim grenades from Judgment, we can all run into gun fights with a health buff then. :joy:

They are fine as long as…your team mates SPOT!!! why am I usually the only one spotting in any given random match. It is so useful and you get points, when they get killed either by you or someone else.

I must admit to wanting a map(s) with no nades of any description, in public games.


The screen shaking needs to be toned down. TC did a good job of making the smoke obscure vision even through Tac/Com, but I don’t think any smoke grenade should shake the screen as much as this one does.

There should be no screen shaking. It’s a 3rd person game and it makes no sense at all , unless they also cause an earthquake. I wish they weren’t in the game but glad you cant use more than one tag at least. Gears 2 sucked because of this for me and I skipped that game for left 4 dead at the time.

No, I’ve nightmares of General RAAM stuck in rag doll mode on Blood Drive’s stairs for 20 seconds or more. :confounded:

Personally I’d rather Gears of War 1 smoke grenades. Simply releases smoke, that’s it. Nothing else.

I always found it weird the smoke grenade doesn’t stun team-mates and the shock grenade does. The Embar even does it too.

Leave them as is but don’t use them on me.

They’re useful. I disagree that they should be smoke only. I suspect the folks advocating that are the ones who haven’t quite figured out their uses

I agree that they are useful but it feels like they’re a bit too useful.

Basically acts a stun, improv cover (even though it’s pretty mediocre as you can still see people somewhat easily if they’re in it) , & there’s not really much you can do to punish it due to it not being able to stun the throwers teammates.

Maybe a new nade type could be introduced that incorporates the stun method to an extent (gears UE stun would be fine but due to new movement it would be so easy to punish a stunned player) but without screen shake.

Like somebody said shocks can act as denial + dps & frags can be seen as more of a lethal but their inconsistency remains but smokes are just denial - dps but it can also stun & impair from a distance, which is also kinda useless because you can still be marked while in the smoke.

If they are to remain as the stun combo items in the next game I think they need to emphasize the smoke more & the stun less

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They are great for disarming a player on a hill with power weapon.

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they are overly used… its obnoxious at times i do like that they stun you but yet again in beginning of games ppl just spam the heck out of the smokes.

perhaps the stuns wont be so long… like a quick stun for a second would be much better and less deadly then stunning someone for 4 seconds.

Given that I cant really hear that well, I tend to stay out of any areas that has been smoked, I use it the most when a team tries to cross-lancers or lock down a certain area. But other than that, id just stay out because I don’t wanna be goin in there all Helen Keller. And yes, where there is smoke, spottin is a MUST because you don’t go blind via tac-com.

Although id say its annoying when 4 or 5 guys throw it one after another and your screen just wont stop shaking or your guy wont stop stunning either. Its like… cmon, you know insert Jason Statham exasperated sigh here.

The favorite trick with smokes comes when you are holding one and being DNBO, then wait enemy to come closer to finish you, activate smoke, enemy stunned, you get up and turn death into kill… Amazing right?

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So getting lancered or snubbed swap to smoke real quick? Nice idea. I’ll try.