Opinions on GoW 5

I do feel like the game is catering towards more casual gameplay. Though I could be wrong or it’s more personal gripes. I’m curious on the communities opinions as well.


The Gnasher is pretty fair and balanced. It’s strong, but weak enough where the lancer and enforcer has a place. I do feel like they are still optimizing the ping and latency as their a bit of the problem being unstable. Being hit gives a punch and it hitting shots feel more consistent and powerful. Don’t really have a lot of problems other than the 98% that always haunts us.


Oh,the Lancer. Am I the only one that noticed that it’s much more powerful? It hits like a truck from any distance. Even up close, if your aim is good enough you can use it like an enforcer and take out people before they have a chance to gib you. I feel like they’ve done this to give it a more CoD or other mainstream shooter feel. Since most people are used to the “rifle” gameplay. I’ve seen teams shift to “lancer only” playstyle which feels bad. When you have 3 damn people spraying the hill while your team is bunkered down. Get flushed out and have to reset and rotate back. Now you literally have 5 people sitting in the hill lancer at the ready just spraying at anything that moves. I understand lancering is a playstyle and that it’s necessary for hunkered down and out positioned opponents. But of course no one wants to sit there under cover waiting for them to reload or throw a smoke. I’d reduce the damage slightly. As well as making the spread more loose (you have 60 bullets after all and you need only 12 to down/kill. It’s more of a suppression fire weapon imo) That being said. the playstyle is not my cup of tea, but maybe it might be a refresh to the constant gnasher gameplay that we all love and know.

My second point is the lancer chainsaw. It is AWFUL. I feel like the movement in GoW5 is much slower than Gow4. (Where’s the fast vault?) Yet the TTK feels much more faster. The Lancer chainsaw should be a more “clutch” and more valid playstyle. You’ve ran out of Gnasher ammo/need to reload but they are too close. Hope they choke and miss their shot and get that nice chainsaw execution! Of course you can always hit an active reload, but would be a nice alternative.

Smoke Nerf

I feel like smoke is still way too good compared to flash. The denial of vision is MASSIVE compared to Flash. The 5 second or so of area denial is better than the total 2 second blind and 1 second stun. While if you toss a smoke even if you miss the area is large enough to still provide support in the general direction. Now I understand they had nerf the stun for smoke. (When you get hit with 5 smoke stuns in GoW4 and you are the only one on the hill) I feel like it is situational. Someone grabbed a power weapon? Next respawn grab a flash, then go back to the tried and true smoke. Though flash could be better in playing with teammates with comms. As the game progresses and becomes more balanced and changes. I might have to see if the changes in between beta and launch will change my mind. As long as we can still play chainsaw wars in the final ring in clocktowers with only chainsaw and smoke. I’m good.


Flash might need a slight buff; smoke is too good imo. Does it need a buff? It’s more for niche scenarios imo. Flash might be strong in teams when you can coord it back to back in pushes. So it might be better in tournaments and if it is. Should be balanced as such.


Does anyone like the timers on weapons? I swear I have that one teammate that sits on nades for 20 seconds and as soon as they spawn:

Teammate:“X”, stand back up. Looks down the barrel of a gnasher.

Enemy teammate: *omae wa mou shindeiru . . . *

It is nice quality of life and could cause fights to break out more as certain drops start to respawn. Like boom, drop, torque, grenade launcher, embar, etc. Though it is a double bladed sword as the enemy too know that the sweet, sweet, enforcer has just respawned! :grin:

How does anyone else feel about this? Would like to hear your thoughts and opinions. I might just have to adjust my playstyle and not a solid opinion as the game is not out yet.

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