Opinions on Gears 5

What I like about it:
-Unique Story (different from the others)

What I don’t like:
-The screen-covering omen is ridiculous. Remove it.
-Lack of Choice in characters selection (really? not one of the carmine is playable in the multiplayer, oof)
-Horde, I wish they kept Gears 4 Horde and improved upon it, not this each character have their own abilities. I simply don’t like it.
-Slower speed than Gears 4 multiplayer.

I enjoy the game, but when it comes to multiplayer and horde. it’s not bad, but not great either, it’s like they went two steps back just to introduce new stuff.

Horde is my favorite game mode in Gears of war. 3 has the best horde. I hated the power concept introduced in 4. And now it’s even worse with these “hero” classes. Such a massive disappointment.

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