Opinions needed! https://youtu.be/SRaCaTA7UEc

Short video from yesterday, is the 3rd kill i get considered a juke ? Had a debate with my friend he said no… i said yes

This is literally whats wrong with the game lmao.

Can you elaborate? What specifically is wrong with the game

Running at people in a straight line and being rewarded.

COG Gear was smashing RT though
how would you fix straight lining/head downing personally because it just looks like the dude got punished in that video lol

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The kid he killed there probably has like 20 hours played in his life. The counter to people bot-running at you in a straight line is to not shoot your gun and play for a one shot just like they’re doing. The issue is that the shotguns rate of fire isn’t high enough — you should be able to shoot twice quickly enough to down the bot-running player, using accuracy/gunskill as opposed to just waiting and timing your shot like it’s a quicktime event.

It’s the gib range…not the “slow” rate of fire on the shotgun.

The problem is players can’t judge accurately where the gib distance is. You’ve got various different FOVs also contributing to that. If you don’t give the player a precise cue on where the gib distance is you’ll always have this problem with the shotgun.

The only way to fix this is make it closer right up to the enemy, almost touching, so players know exactly the distance it requires for a gib. Changing the ROF with the shotgun does not fix this, and would even exacerbate the problem.

I saw your post before the edit, I’m not taking it easy on you.

He doesn’t even get the kill from max gib range — the gib range is 220 in 14 player FFA, he’s not even really close to that range. If you shortened the gib range you would be buffing the bot run and not nerfing it.

This is not the problem whatsoever — players, even relatively bad ones are actually way better at judging the gib range than you’re giving them credit for.

You really think people aren’t used to their own FOVs lmao.

There wasn’t a precise cue in gow1/2/3/J/UE/Gow4core and this problem really didn’t exist. Running at someone in a straight-line like a bot is a gow4com/gow5 specific problem — obviously you could get kills like this in the other games, but the move is overperforming wildly in this game.

This is beyond ridiculous. The way you counter the bot-run — the only way you can counter the bot-run — is by holding your shot and shooting them as they enter the gib range. If you shorten the gib range then you’re also shortening the ‘kill window’ making it more challenging to counter the bot-run.

Have you ever played the video game before? The bot-runner isn’t shooting their weapon more than once — they might as well be using a gow3 sawed-off — if you increase the rate of fire then you can shoot the runner twice and down them more consistently in order to nerf this braindead gameplay.

I’d say you caught him off guard. Not really juked.

Who do you think you are? “Taking it easy on me” lol dude your argument is horrible. It’s barely one at all. You’re not even worth my time at this point saying the ROF on the gnasher needs to be increased but okay…

I’m not saying people can’t at all get used to their different FOVs and gib range distance, that’s not the point at all. The point is it’s a cause for player aggravation within the game. If the player knew and could see that the shotgun needed to be touching the enemy or almost right up against it would be a cue for the player to more accurately judge getting gibbed or gibbing. that’s a fact. It would eliminate this guess work. With how it is NOW there’s less of a visual clue. Not that one cannot get the feel…been there done that, and I hate how it plays.

The gib range is PATHETIC. It ruins gnasher battles reducing them simply to one shot battles where both opponents are just guessing on where the one shot is. Long gone are the days of gnasher battles where both opponents have to actually aim while they’re moving around. That’s where more than half the skill is in shooters. Movement and aiming. Unless you’re really bad at aiming the shotgun battles aren’t going to last long enough to show who the better player is.

If you think that 3rd kill shows acceptable gib range distance, you’re crazy and you don’t know what’s good for this game imo.

And that’s all this is tho. There’s two sides here…and this is just my opinion.

Who do you think you are?

You are literally a random.

You don’t understand how the game played — that’s all this boils down to. You’re lost.

There has never been and will never be a visual clue — this is a meaningless paragraph you’ve wrote for me.

The 220 gib range seen in OPs video is one of the shortest gib ranges we have ever seen in the history of GoW. The reason everyone plays for chunks is because the shotgun has poor range, a slow rate of fire and the movement speed is fast enough to close the distance.

So you’ll shoot outside of gib range, they’ll close the gap and kill you — that’s with one of the shortest gib ranges ever.

The third kill isn’t even that far away — you could have the gib range be 50, 75, 100 UU units and all you would see is people continuing to play for chunks because that’s just how the game is played with the slow rate of fire and short range.

There are multiple times in this video where my gun is touching them rendering the actual chunk range irrelevant — the majority of your chunks aren’t at or near the max chunk range. Please explain how a faster rate of fire would help me get these kills — I would really love your insight into this considering you’re probably a very decorated guardian player.

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Yup, you can’t read? The visual clue is my gnasher being up against your body. That would be the visual clue for a gib. Right now there is a less of one DISTANCE, objects on screen…of course there’s some type of visual clue or else you wouldn’t be able to play the video game.

You trolling? Done with this. There’s no way you can be serious at this point.

Come on bud — tell me how increasing the rate of fire on the shotgun is going to help me straight line people with the intention of killing them in one shot.

“The issue is the rate of fire isn’t high enough.”

I’m claiming that isn’t and will never be the issue for the gnasher.

You seem to be confusing yourself there bud.

Nah sport actually you seem to be the one confused.

I say this, which is that I want the rate of fire increased so as to counter this braindead gameplay.

You chime in with this, somehow stating that if we increase the rate of fire we will not only fail to fix the issue of people running at each other playing for gibs but we will make the problem worse.

And then I went into a match and straight-lined people for you so you could see what it looks like — and now I’m asking you to explain to me how an increased rate of fire on the gnasher would in any way benefit me in the fights I had between the timestamps of 1:13 and 2:04 specifically.

I think you’re very confused here, don’t hurt yourself.

I gotta give it to John.

The man made a 2 minute video while replying in a thread.



I’m not having a discussion on how the ROF on the gnasher needs to be increased. There’s no way.I can’t take that seriously.

You fail to see the impact on absolutely everything else in the entire game. This would change everything. A lot for the worse. I don’t have the amnt of time required to explain all that to you.

Edit: this forum is an echo chamber. The only people that still play the game are people who enjoy this gib range…so of course they’re going to agree with you. MOST people who would’ve preferred a shorter distance have LEFT the scene…I can even see people on here agreeing with what you have said…and to that…well I’ll keep my opinions to myself.

I never said that the gnasher needed a ROF increase and never claimed it would help you in that specific case but you’re explaining like I have said that.

I said that the issue was the gib range being entirely too far.

Imagine telling me that I’m the one who’s confused, and then replying as if I’m saying that you want a ROF increase. I’m the one who wants the ROF increase.

I say this:

You reply with this:

How is this so confusing for you?

Oh and in regards to this

Gears 5 live tuning has one of the shortest chunk ranges of any game — so these people who’ve apparently “LeFt ThE sCeNe” were probably also never apart of it during any of the prior games, including GoW4 which had quite a bit of range basically throughout.

Who are these people you’re referring to? Because they definitely would not have played any of the other games where the gib range has been larger than it is now.

Can you be my argumentative essay teacher?

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