Opinion: Ranked 4v4 TDM Pairs Only is Bad

Yes it does. It means not being able to play with friends gets you stuck with idiots like these.


Correct me If I’m wrong but nothing stops you from playing in a custom lobby.

Dude you’re straight trolling now. Not gonna feed into your BS


So you have no argument and would rather call me a troll? Alright, good thread.

I can’t believe I need to explain myself when the post speaks for itself as my argument has already been made.

Custom lobby is your solution? Not when you’re looking to go up in Ranked and don’t even bother trying to say Quickplay. This post is clearly related to Ranked matches but you didn’t seem to comprehend that.

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Still no argument and now you’re starting to insult me. Thanks for proving me right.

Statistically speaking, the other team has a better chance of having quitters, if you don’t quit, since they have 4 chances while you only have 3

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Mod Hat: Please avoid definitive anything. If it’s your opinion or speculation, speculate.


Well yeah statistically speaking you’re right. Also, statistically speaking, if I’ve got a team of friends the chances of me losing them is next to nothing :man_shrugging:t2:


4v4 and pairs only aren’t the issue. It is the matchmaking and/or quit penalties. There are plenty of successful games that limit parties to 2 for ranked team game modes. Team does not mean 5 people in a group together.


Ok insult was in bad taste so it’s removed.

The argument is in plain sight tho. I’ll reedit the title and maybe that makes things clearer.

Oh there are definitely a bunch of additional issues here and the lack of quit penalties is one of them. At least it’s finally getting addressed in Op5.

Gears tried the limited parties in 3 I believe and I don’t remember it being successful. Doesn’t mean it’s not possible but as it stands with this game it’s not working.

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Roger, quitting in ranked is quite frustrating.

Please join your voice in the following topic as well:

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Maybe mine should be merged into that thread too. May help

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I completely agree with you on this.

It’s a damn shame us players are at the mercy of randoms.

All because “solo” players want to infest team
Mode game play…

Now I play solo too.

But I realize that playing solo is a liability when entering a ranked match.

With that said I squad up in ranked to avoid bot/afk/thrower players…

Besides solos have 2vG, FFA, LFG, social… 4 options before even considering a ranked match…

That’s how ranked is… people group up & may or may not communicate & play…

I don’t always talk on the mic when I squad up… like 80% of the time I never talk but my team knows I’m actually trying so they don’t mind.

But I’m TDM I have to be at the roulette of a random…

I’m relatively a diamond to master player…

Currently diamond in tdm, king, almost ffa, need to play more 2vG & grid iron.

But I would preferably grind tdm because I love that mode.

It’s upsetting to realize people go AFK when you’re a diamond & now you have to guard the afk, win the power weapon, & retain map control…

Nearly impossible… not to mention 1 guy goes afk for a moment & people on the team just quit…

At least in squads this ensures you’re all on the same page…

Plus it’s a lot easier to come back from 5v4 than 4v3 when these situations happen.

And I always love the git gud people that post. Unless they’ve seen you in game they have no idea how good you are. I consider myself Diamond at best right now (currently in FFA only) but I’m not close to Masters yet. Trying to go up in TDM has been a grind bc of this. I’m still stuck in Gold right now bc or either bad teammates or quitters.

In the above screenshot one guy on the other team sent me a message and invited me to partner with him. He didn’t speak English at all. We swapped a few Xbox messages with me using a translator and we went on a 5 match win streak. No voice communication but we knew we were backing each other up which was enough.


That’s how it is.

Just because you’re stacked doesn’t necessarily mean you communicate.

You just want a clean match without people who purposely ruin the match for no reason…

They need to bring squads back… TDM players are suffering

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Finally someone with some common sense lol (and I’m not just saying that solely bc you agree lol)

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You are a troll. :man_shrugging:

Why you lying to yourself.


Honestly haven’t even played Tdm for 1 week. Maybe more…

I was a tdm maniac…

I got used to king of the hill only because I can play with people & not be frustrated.

If we lose we lose. But at least we lost trying instead of playing random roulette…