Opinion on missing characters

How about Griffin?

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I thought for sure with the tagline of OP 6 being “honor the heroes” that they would have added a lot of these characters. I was also kind of expecting the V-day skins in Op 6 drop 2, seeing as the V stands for victory. That would have given us the skins of the heroes who won the Locust war, which would also line up with the tagline.

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thats fair, she was only in Judgement so its not like recasting Prescott for example, Prescott has a history of recasting. but I doubt most people will care about her VA changing.

her looks and her voice lol. she barely did say anything in 3 as well from what I can remember.

An armor swap for Kait should suffice at that point then, especially if the voice lines aren’t so obnoxious in the next game (with how often they play and repeat).
That’s just my take though, I guess some people would want unique interactions with Minh, Tai and Barrick and Jace if they ever got in.

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ah no lol
Id rather them just recreate Valera.

E-lp was probably the worst character outside of the new day

Never heard of him and have no idea who he is or the other dude with him



Mr Mineman! Don’t do this :cry:

Do what??

Can I have my girl Valera so I can finally sleep calmly ?

Perhaps - Meming Wiki

lets keep it that way

I need you to help me campaign this bestfriend

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Oh wait I’m a moron I thought you didn’t want E-LP back

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Alicia Valera | Gears of war, Gears of war 3, War

#Bring Forzas wife back


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Not my video but I still find this hilarious even after all these months. Love that they thought of other ways to give us more of Baird’s humor.


You’re an unsung hero, thank you so much for this :blush:

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