Opinion; Daily Hive/Map

I really like the addition of the daily Hives/Maps but why in tarnation are they recycling dailies already?

32 Hives and 27 maps and they’re already repeating dailies.

TC Michael stated that the modifiers that show up on the Horde daily challenges are random. Maybe the chosen map is random too, and we just got “unlucky” that Asylum was RNGd?

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I’m pretty sure The Mist is at question here because I’m pretty sure we just had the hive as a daily last week.

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Ah, I see. Didn’t realize it. Just noticed that Asylum was back and didn’t pay attention to Escape.

But that is super weird, as the OP states, that there are so many maps/hives to choose from and we are already seeing double duplicates.

in a way it can be fine, as it can make somoene more used to doing the hive as they already have prior experience. something too much predictability is bad.