Operations Questions

I know this is a shot in the dark but I’m hopping someone has the answer. So I’m looking at operations and how long they will take to finish in the “2weeks remaining” for the tour of duty and I noticed under Escape ,Past Master 1 and Hive Master 1 both state to complete respective challenges within operation 1. Dose this mean that the operations will always be available ? Or is this just some strange wording for the future when there is more than one operation worth of past Escapes?

Also side note gears battles pass is terrible please be gone with this fortnite junk. No responsible adult can complete all these with so much as a full time job that requires traveling or a family.

If you watch the video introducing tour of duty, it say 3 months. Yet mine as of today says 7 days. There is no way I am going to get the skins I want by then. Like we get punished for playing early.

My bust, so if I am understanding after this tour is complete in 7 days. The next one if I understand it right should be 3 months. Still mad all my tour progress will probably get wiped. I really wanted Kait’s winter skin. Hope this helps.

Yours is 7days? Mine says 2 weeks. Anyone else got a different date?

@TC_Octus said its 3 months. Its an error.

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Cancel last mine says 7 days now … this game …

That time is relating to when awards are given out for versus placement and escape leader board placement. The tour of duty last 3 months.