Operations Medals

I feel that the grind for the “Basics” Medals are kind of all over the place. Team Medic, Executioner and Marksman really aren’t that bad at all, I think it’s reasonable to finish those in a 3 month period (or however long the Operation lasts). But I believe Finish Them, Body Count and Carnage are really excessive. I think they should be cut down to a third of their current values, so 3 thousand kills for Finish Them, 5 thousand Eliminations for Body Count and 5 Million damage for Carnage. The fact that large numbers of people seem to be quitting or disconnecting from Horde lobbies doesn’t make these challenges any easier.

Three months is plenty of time.
Remember that a single kill applies to several medals at once.
I have already made significant progress playing mostly private horde.

My progress as of 3 days ago I’m now on 40% medals and most are near completion… I don’t understand how people aren’t thinking of doing it the most efficient way possible =s

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For the time being I’m trying to enjoy the game but I would like to know your farming strategies. I’d like to get a decent skin soon.

Any tips?

Isn’t too hard to do honestly, I looked at them and it’s a grind but one you’ll get from doing nearly anything… except campaign, kills in campaign count towards 0 of tour progress.

I started by focusing on escape and the hivebusters so doing the weekly challenge you need to do 50 total so while doing that I started with Mac, Mac needs 250 headshots and that alone is 1/4 of total headshots for basic =D

So also in the 50 you need 45 of them being 15 with each Lahni, Keegan and Mac, I just focused on all those at the same time. Breaker mace kills, kill the warden and take his mace but don’t use it till extracting because while the door closes you can kill all the juvies with it getting about 10 kills per run…

See how that goes =D

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Pretty sure Carnage takes into account all modes including Horde and Escape. I got it the other night. I play with friends and haven’t done any Public Horde yet.

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Private horde and Vs bots are the easiest way to get them,

the only ones are a pain are the ranked ones

I’m not going to mess with the Ranked Medals, since I don’t like verses to much to get them.

How do you get Carnage? Is it a particular mode? I only noticed getting more when playing horde.

Also, what’s the difference between kills and eliminations?