Operations 1 ending soon but what if? (Hey i'm the offical SHINO BAZ not a son of shino)

What do you think will happen if not everyones completed every operation 1 missions?Do they lose out on the connected rewards?

Likely yes, but we need to wait for confirmation.

Ok.the only op 1 i still care about completing is juvie 2500 to get huntress swarm but i still need 1531 more and i have no intrest in killing 5 at a time in escape,then rise and repeat 500 more times.i rather pay 5 bucks and be done with it.

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Literally just completed that one and I gotta say. The skin almost feels like a badge of shame, like I actually ground out 2500 juvie kills just to take the bag off his head… :roll_eyes:

How many juvies a guy gotta kill to put it tf back on? :joy:


You know what I don’t understand? TC’s decision to make the Elite variations of Swarm characters unlocked right off the bat, but the regular versions (like hideous Hunter) are rewarded through grinding. Like, what? How does this make any sense. Shouldn’t it be vice-versa?

But yeah, the 2500 Juvie medal was ridiculous. A little bit of me died inside playing The Mines on repeat, and I honestly never wanna grind like that again in my life.


I have no idea how to even grind out the juvies. I’ve played Horde almost exclusively since launch, and managed to max out all of the other enemy types ages ago, but I’ve still only got like 725 Juvies during that entire span.

I guess there was that halloween event that had a ton of them, but surely that wasn’t their expectation. At this rate it’s gonna take me about two years to hit the required number (like 2000 I think?).

And I managed to finish the Tour of Duty, so it’s not like I haven’t played much.

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Oh, I didn’t even think of Escape. But yeah… I’m not grinding Escape maps.

I guess I’ll just never get that skin.

It makes sense in a way. TC wanted the default Swarm designs to be new and fresh so that they appeal to us, and we had already seen the regular versions of them in GOW4 already.

It’s the same with the human characters too. All of the default skins for Kait, Del etc were new designs from the GOW5 campaign. The GOW4 designs were added to Supply later. It’s just to make that distinction for players that this is a new game.

Jesus Shino! You need to look at this thread!

There’s an exploit you can do to grind the Juvie medal! Basically set up a private lobby in Escape - I think it’s the Hive (can anyone confirm?) - play through it as Lahni with no mutators so that it’s quick and easy; and equip Shock Chain. Get to the first shower room check point, and save your Ultimate ability. Immediately after the checkpoint there is a random enemy encounter. It’s either a pack of about 15 Juvies, or something else (I think there are 3 possible enemy encounters). If you get the Juvies kill them with your Ultimate, then restart checkpoint and repeat. As long as you don’t back out of the game, the enemy encounter stays the same so you will always get Juvies. Just grind and repeat this. You get to kill about 15 Juvies per checkpoint.

Basically you just need to get the right enemy encounter so if you don’t get Juvies, just retry until you do. Once you do, just spam checkpoint restarts.

See my post above - there’s an exploit to get the Juvie kills. I’m pretty sure it’s on Hive - one of the initial launch maps, amd you just grind/spam checkpoint reloads if you manage to get the Juvie encounter after the checkpoint. Kill, reload and repeat.

What made the grinding a little easier was knowing I was finishing off all the Escape medals (aside from the Master ones) and Swarm Hunter medals just grinding for the Juvies. That should give people an idea of how ridiculous it really is.

Juvie Hunter simply is not feasible in three months without some crazy solo grinding. Couldn’t tell ya what they were thinking with that one :confused:

I confirm, it’s how I did it. And you don’t need Lahni. The decontamination room in The Hive has a shock grenade. Use that and you can kill the juvies with ease. The shock respawns everytime you reset the checkpoint.

Its a female swarm lol

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Being technically accurate(the best kind of accurate, right?), Kait’s skin that was added to Supply isn’t her Gears 4 design but her Gears 5 Act 1 design(and it was renamed “Armored Outsider Kait” not long after the skin was added). The 4 design only exists under the form of her Gilded skin as of now.

And personally, I think just doing The Mines on Beginner and going to the right side for the frags and then the right side saferoom for the Sniper side is liable to get you a lot, and more than The Hive, Juvie kills. It certainly is where I got most of mine. That said, the left can also spawn a TON of Juvies. And I mean a ton, though the groups also have at least one or two Poppers, and there can be Sires. And two Wardens. So that’s things to watch for on the left side that aren’t an issue on the right. The Sires and Wardens, that is. The Poppers are on both.

I agree with this, it’s how I did it took me a whole Saturday to get 2500 but the skin was worth it I guess. On the positive side you get a lot of other hive challenges done and this specific hive I actually think is somewhat fun.

The hunter is a female :eyes:

Operation 1 rewards will be vaulted as per TC. They may reappear in future Operations down the line.

Operation rewards will never appear in the store as per TC.

I put in a little grinding this week to make general. The juvie medal and most of the heroes aren’t complete yet buy I have no interest in the monotony of getting those.
But now it looks like op1 has been extended for another week anyway?!

Shows little attention I paid to the campaign! I didn’t even notice that - I presumed that the default Kait skin was the one that appeared in Act 1! Although I’ve only played the campaign once so far. :grin:

Ummm, I don’t think so… Otherwise it’d be called a Swarm Huntress lol.

I mean, the voice actor is a female, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re also chicks. Cuz, I mean, Berserkers are voiced by males, but they’re definitely females. So, yeah lol.