Operation VI: Coalition's Last Chance

I was talking about this

Oh. Yeah, ok. I guess don’t really see many issues with Op 5, besides TC deciding to kill off Escape to not show results for Horde/VS maps in the long term.

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hear people? like besides spanish? lol

LMAOOOOOO nooo like footsteps lmao

People have said this (about Op5) before, and yet, here we are still playing the game… :joy:

People said this about Op2, Op3, Op4, Op5…

The Last Chance saloon always gets very busy around a new operation.


Problem is people are sick of adapting .
We’ve been adapting every month or few months for the past 5 years since gears 4 .
This is we’re the frustration lies with the addition of claiming it’s new content in each dlc yet it’s dlc we have already been given in previous gears…


I just hope to god the second half of OP6 lives up to it’s potential. Something like the start of Op5 is what we deserve for every start of a season and every mid drop.

They’ve said regarding PVP & PVE that things are coming. I just hope it’s in everyone’s taste and best interests.

However we have no reasons to have any hope at this point after seeing OP6’s reveal.

In my opinion, It doesn’t have a title theme because there’s barely anything in it.


It’s incredibly transparent.

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For me there’s no more chances, at least they must polish the game, I don’t have hopes with TC as a game developer.

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I’ve supported this franchise since 08 (Gears 2) and this is the most boring, noob friendly tuning I’ve ever seen. Power weapons are even more broken with the sluggish movement. I exclusively have been playing Gears 4 for the last 2 weeks. Maybe gears 6 will be a compromise of the tuning, but I’m not holding my breath. The coalition has no idea what they are doing!

Startingl ike this…usually bad idea.

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So after seeing the trailer and reading the patch notes have you made your decision?

Well, not wholly impressed.

Given that apparently TC is gonna implement some sort of tweaks in the midOperation patch to both PvE and PvP, I guess I can hold out a little hope.

Sticking to my guns on this one, and just gonna play less and less. Yesterday felt the same as the weak tailend of Op 5.

New Horde event is fun, though. Would deffo boink Queen Reyna.

Operation 5 Hollow Storm was great. Great new changes to Escape and Horde and Michael said last week there’s new things coming in drop 2 of Operation 6 so I disagree. Sorry vs for you is not doing great but there’s plenty of other game modes to play.

They did need more content for Op 6, and only 1 map at the start is crazy.