Operation VI: Coalition's Last Chance

I think we can all agree that the second act of Operation V: Hollow Storm was an utter car crash- the overall tuning and Versus overhaul has been poorly received after we’ve been forced to play this for months- slow movement, cover movement mechanics neutered and overkill on weapon nerfs,
It does truly feel like TC either doesn’t play their own game, have someone testing it who has NEVER played a Gears title pre-5, or they simply don’t care, believe they’ve gone past the point of no return and are just doing what they want, playerbase be damned.

It may or may not have a title, yet, but I’m already dubbing the next title update ‘Operation VI: Coalition’s Last Chance’, because this is well and truly the final opportunity we- as a collective customer and loyal fanbase- should grant TC to revert most of those simply BAD changes and help restore this game to its former glory worthy of being called a successor in the Gears of War franchise.

That involves reverting Versus back to 5v5 with bot backfilling (the latter for Unranked playlists only), restoring some kind of momentum to cover movement such as the slight acceleration when chaining slides, vaults and SWAT turns, and give most of the nerfed weapons a bit of OOMPH back to them.
Weapons that don’t need addressing as the patch actually benefitted or rightfully adjusted them:

  • Claw
  • Retro Lancer
  • All snipers (Markza, Boltok, Longshot, EMBAR)
  • Overkill
  • Hammerburst

Weapons that ABSOLUTELY need touching up with a buff in either damage, or simple overall performance:

  • Talon
  • Enforcer
  • Lancer (Don’t worry, baby. One day, you’ll get your bite back.)
  • Gnasher (You have been quite damaged for a long time, old friend, and you need fixing…)

If TC fails to deliver, this is the end of the line for me, and no doubt many others. Sadly, PvE can only get us so far. Maybe if they decide to allow us to take Swarm skins into Horde/Escape/Co-Op vs. AI modes, that might be enough of a counterweight to convince me to stay, but for now, I’m keeping my expectations low.

Please do not fail us, TC. We want and NEED this to work, this time.

Skaventide out. xoxo


Tuning is not changing bro. Let it go and learn to adapt.


More fool them.

Tuning is not my favorite either, but they’ve made it clear this is the final tuning and no more major changes.

You’re just beating a dead horse at this point. Get adjusted to the tuning and learn to adapt, it really isn’t that bad.





most of your point are moot and there’s a lot, less vocal, players that have an opposite view from yours


I think the weapoms balancing is brilliant… No gun bettee or worse than others… Each w their own unique strengths and weaknesses… Thats y they nerfed lancer… But its got high mag and can execute… Retro powerful but bad acciracy… Gl good accuracy but weaker… Claw slow but powerful and high mag… Enforcer super fast… Etc… Its a very well made and balanced weapons system i love it ab g5!! So that ppl wud play all the classes w all their individually buffed weapons and not jist biased on a few classes w powerful weapons… Only thing is talon… Bad bad bad in everyway lol… Bad accuracy, damage, reload… Everything lol!

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For the love of. The lancer does NOT need a buff. Anyone who thinks this clearly doesn’t know what’s going on. In fact, I think the bloom inaccuracy needs to be brought back.

The second act of OP5 was NOT a car crash.

Everyone should be applauding that acceleration with wall slides was removed.

I can get behind maybe Talon. But that gun was way OP before the nerf. Anyone who was semi competent could instant down you with an active.

I dont want to play as swarm in horde, but rather a beast mode like mode added. That would be fun. They have everything needed to make it work.

The game is not bad at all right now and plays pretty well. Players that actually have good movement are still hard to kill and do well. Players that are stupid and wall bounce mindlessly without thinking are super easy to kill, like the should be.

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No sir, if we riot we can make them change their mind!


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Every upcoming Operation is “make-or-break”; or “the last chance saloon” etc etc…


lmao I’ve been reading that since OP3 came out :rofl: :rofl:


the lancer to me feels like UEs lancer, with the exception of the active being removed. I still use the lancer and can still get people downed. however, you need to be accurate and hit them directly in the head which is how the lancer should be and im ok with having to make sure im hitting all my shots, its more skilled and you can see people using the lancer who are good succeed well with it, others… well they get mad.

I never really use the Talon but i do remember how broken it was, i still pick up the boltok however and love it.

I dont get this, who wants to play as swarm in horde?? the point is your surviving against hordes of swarm. its always been COG and should be COG. if they added beast mode which i hope they do at some point, I wouldnt want them to add COG to beast, thats the point of those two modes, you flip the sides.


Despite G5 (and its current state) being my least favorite game in the franchise (tied with Judgement), I do agree with the folks saying to adapt if you want to play. I don’t see it changing on TC’s end. Jumping between this and 4 I definitely have to change my play style. I just find the sluggish movement, weak guns and 4v4 ranked boring. For me it’s lost the intensity that G4 brought to the table.

The people who like this slow gameplay im guessing didn’t enjoy their time as much in G4.

As much as it pains me, I don’t think they’ll ever revert this horrendous tuning. Their plan seems to be to “wait it out” in regards to the backlash.

Yes, we’ll get used to it but it’ll never make it any less boring. I personally haven’t played a single match on Versus since it went live, rounding up most PvE achievements, and I certainly don’t look forward to it either.


I loved G4 and prefer the tuning before op5 but idk im just tolerating it. UEs my fav multiplayer so maybe thats why im able to enjoy it.

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Most of those ideas you just listed sucked. And is why TC changed it. They just didn’t change it just right. And kept over tuning.

Well said. I definitely agree with your lancer statement.

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I enjoyed G4. Especially towards the end when they added tough objectives to unlock unique characters and they added the pre-game lobbies and ranked system in (None of this was in the game at launch. There was very little to do in the beginning)

That being said G4 was the first and only gears where I completely stopped playing for a while and moved on to games like destiny. And I am usually a Gears only video gamer.

As someone who enjoys competitive PVP the most, I also like fun casual game modes and PVE. Horde in 4 was great at first, but got insanely repetitive and you really only needed engineer and scout to win and it was a turn off. In terms of PVE, that was it.

This is where I enjoy G5 despite the claims of little content. I can play ranked and grind for masters, enjoy causal guardian, dabble in arcade if I get bored, do the daily horde on some days if it looks fun, and do the daily escape to level my classes up. When a PVE friend gets on we tackle the weekly. I truly enjoy it.

And that’s where the versus/horde events in OP6 I am happy because I enjoy the variety they bring. It’s a shame the game launched so poorly and literally over 12 months of time, money, and manpower was needed to redefine the video game instead of being used to create fun new experiences.

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Nah I frankly disagree that this op was trash.

I thought it was pretty good aside from the tuning change, Nexus and Regency are just amazing maps and very aesthetically pleasing.

However, imma be honest, if you don’t like the game just don’t play it lol, I for one love this game and only wish I could hear people, bound my roll button to somewhere else, and get the gnasher to work.

Let’s be real, the enforcer and talon require just a lot of recoil control,but why full auto when you can burst fire rapidly. The lancer is weak but with multiple people shooting at you its pretty effective. I agree with the gnahser part.

Other than that I don’t see really anything that really grinds my gears


Op 6, not 5. VI in roman numerals is 6.