Operation six... Sounding like the LAST operation? How pathetic

If this is really the last operation. I’m not getting Gears 6. Because if they try to do the last Gears game like they did 5, I’m out. No thx. I still don’t have my Golden Hunter, or Armored Kantus, or really any locust that I really want… Even Humans. I’m just over it at this point.

Based on feedback from the community, we spent the holiday period reorganizing planned Operations to give you more content more often. This change will see the length of our operations shortened from 16 weeks to 11 weeks.

Does this sound like OP6 will be the last?

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just bought a skin… they charged my card then makes it look like i never bought the skin… checked my bank and they charged me… no skin tho.

i DuNnO, sOuNdS lIkE tHe LaSt OnE tO mE.


It could be,i think it’s not very necessary to release op7.The system is complete,not too much true new contents to make.

We got SPEYER!!! I’m happy.

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The map they added is not even that good nor that popular, Speyer was forgettable.

Still dont get everyone’s hype around this character, from all the locust characters from 3 we still dont have, golden hunter is really what you miss the most…
But more on point they are done working on this game, only thinking of ways to drip out the last of the content in a way that lines up with 6s release in about 2 years. Just find something else to play till then, hell 4 still plays great and you can actually find filled games with a stable connection. Hopefully they learned not all games are meant to he live services, especially if you dont have the player base for it.

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