Operation 8 - Retroactive Achievements

Well, when you do a chapter select for campaign, it should show the emblem for the highest difficulty you beat that particular chapter on.

That said, a friend of mine and I both had weird things happen on our runs… been a while, forget if it was Ironman or Incon… the final cutscene of Vasgar (rocket launch) and the cutscene following “the choice” would keep kicking us out to main menu and wouldn’t register that we had done the chapter for the achievement, but chapter select showed it done.

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Just to add to what you said,

My Incon run had issues, 2 chapters didnt tick off, one I redid those it popped.

Checking the ingame stats helped me to see what I was “missing” :slight_smile:

I also had this but that one wasnt a problem being ticked suprisingly.

I’ve went thru gears 5 campaign atleast 5 - 6 times an 4 - 5 times on 4s campaign :thinking:

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I totally get why you feel the way you do. But I think this feeling is caused more by people getting the levels and not playing the game. Not that I care how anyone gets to level 50 60 or 60000 but you are bound to feel more like you have wasted time if you are just using grinding tactics rather than playing a game you enjoy to get there. You are already wasting your time to achieve a number and not playing the game, I can see why this would hurt a lot.

If anything I hope this makes you look at how you play a game, I’ve been there and ground for ‘hard’ achievements rather than just enjoying a game.

No matter what they do to levels of achievements in this game I wouldn’t feel cheated as I’ve just picked modes and played for fun. I don’t think people would feel as sore if they did that for more of the game time than they did grinding. We all do a bit of it but if you quit this game and move to another and carry on falling for the same predatory game tactics well you haven’t really learned a thing. I hope that’s not the case and you find more fun in your next game than a grind.

Good luck and thanks for all your help and input here.


This is just another example of why I dislike The Coalition and Gears 5 overall. Early in the game’s lifecycle, there was a release where y’all said you were listening to fan feedback and trying to be more creative with achievements and content. Then we get one bland grind after another. 100,000 versus kills? 400,000,000 damage in PvE? Master every Horde map in both modes? The absolute bare minimum of new maps and characters. Broken stats. Predatory XP system that incentivized micro transactions. Fixing bugs that could affect boost sales but ignoring bugs that don’t.

I’m with Lail. I’m not even going to bother playing Gears 6 on an alt. I’m done with this franchise. Call me when someone better takes the reins.


I think Lail’s post here and his blog post on TA speak absolute volumes in regard to the perceived disdain that a whole group of gamers feel that TC have for us.

The fact that 2 long-standing members of the community have posted in this thread that they are quitting Gears Of War because of the way that TC manage micro transactions and achievement grinds is something that TC really need to take notice of.

Edit - make that 3 long standing members. Obviously can’t type fast enough


While I’m not to the point as others, I will say that had Gears 1 been made/handled the way TC did Gears 5, I wouldn’t have bothered getting into the franchise any further.

I’m not saying I won’t consider playing future Gears games, but it also won’t be an insta-yes either.

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anyone knows if it counts when i do just the last boss wave? i remember for Seriously 5 part 1 it counts.

Also a higher chance of getting lvl 20 class players with lvl 1 cards.

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We will have to try and check achievement tracker if it moves. Then we know for sure. I believe the tracker (for Seriously Horde) only moves by restarting the game.

You don’t have to beat horde waves 1-50 for them to count. You can just start at wave 50 and beat it

Do we know if this still counts for achievements and hasn’t been fixed? I don’t exactly have any left to try it with.


Fixed a long time ago

We all know you’re an insta-yes. You have to keep up your 100%! ;D

Yeah, figured this was the case. Not that I’m decided whether good or bad that it’s fixed.

Waaaaaa the havent changed 100k versus kill achievment

Like the others have said, I think the fact that these achievements exists show how much you value your most dedicated fans.

Getting rid of XP that has been previously earned, then putting another 10 re-ups in, which is a sizable grind to do after nearly 2 years of the game’s launch. Encouraging people to buy boost? That is being greedy. Getting the last few pennies out of people before you leave this game.

Again, these people are some of your most dedicated fans, and you have pretty much sticked a middle finger up at them. The teams and the people who designed these achievements clearly don’t care for their most dedicated fans.

And I wonder who is representing us. The people at the studio who are supposed to represent the consumers. Us. The people who still play your game. Was this community response expected? Was this communicated to the relevant teams? Did the teams listen? Well, obviously not.

And now some of them have left the franchise. Well done TC. Thank you for making my decision easy.


Imagine going nuclear over achievements of all things - or blaming a company for your spending-habit…

Yes, the achievements are terrible and the stolen XP is a joke, but so are the responses here.


Okay person who hates on TC constantly about useless store content and ghost melee


If my experience of TC is anything to go by customer appreciation, loyalty and most of all integrity don’t exist.
Support is appalling, communication only when it suits them and an amazing ability to upset and offend their own player base regularly by making changes that feel like yet another slap in the face, as you rightly said.
Well planned and cynical decisions that have killed the whole spirit and feel of Gears of War.
Paying for in game content is a personal decision but changing achievements, adding extra requirements or creating new ones that previously paid content had counted toward but no longer does is, again, appalling.