Operation 8 - Retroactive Achievements

Yes it 100% still works. Personally I have completed all but 2 going from 1-50 bc I didn’t want it to not work in the end. But I know plenty of people who do only wave 50

Edit unless the op 8 patches it which is unknown

I don’t thin so it doesn’t count anymore when you only do wave 50.
It just gives you completed on highest difficulty but not “Mastered”

It’s not just that, it’s just the straw that broke the camel’s back. This game has plenty of severe issues, like you’ve often mentioned too. I said it before that it would get very sour if they’d implement these re-ups this way, multiple times even and I’m not even affected, since I was at 25. You’d think TC would listen to the warnings of the franchise’s long-time fans, yet here we are. Gears of War 4 gave me hope, 5 stripped all of it away. TC will have everything to prove with 6 and until then, I’ll still play, but not another single dime from me goes their way.


Is there some forum glitch or something?

It’s just that I’m seeing several of you continually misspell ‘wallets’.




Hope that helps :wink:


Doing wave 50 never gave the “Mastered” tick, still worked for the achievements.

I don’t see any patches/fixes for the wave 50 only method.


Thank you. What about the question on how Seriously 5.0, part 2 will track? Hopefully, not by in game stats since that got messed up for the majority of us at start of Op7.

2 questions:

If some of the maps in Seriously Chapter 2 are in drops 2, that means we won’t be able to unlock this on August 3rd?

You said Chamber of Horrors and Breezing Through are retroactive, but I don’t see these maps (Atrium and Turbine) in the game?

They’re apparently coming with the first drop of Op 8. Unless I got that wrong somewhere.

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Yes, the achievement won’t be available immediately afterwards but rather until the last map launches in Drop 2.

Those 2 maps aren’t currently in the game due to issues TC had while porting them to Custom games. And when they were available they were only up to Inconceivable so… like nobody has beat them in Masters up to now.

Actually, one map (Turbine, I think) had an exploit that caused only one spawn for the enemies. The other map had an issue where parts of the map with relic weapons would not be accessible if I remember right.

TC could have moved them to custom, however, they waited until they could fix both issues.

People who had the campaign content uninstalled literally weren’t able to load into that map.

And it was Turbine which had the spawn blocking glitch going on. I just hope TCs fix wasn’t just to ruin the spawns of it like they did to stop the Blood Drive speedrun in Gears 4.


Yes that is correct in the stats page. But he is talking about the achievements. You don’t get the check mark in the stats page, but it still counts as completing the map on master for the Xbox achievements

I too will be done with this franchise after this game unless someone else takes over this franchise and changes from this massive grind mentality.

For those questioning the wave 50/12 only method, te achievement should track for a master completion if the difficulty modifier skull in the bottom left of the screen has a flame on it when in a lobby.

Stats wont show “mastered” ticked

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For the seriously achievement, I think you should have to play through 1-50 for horde and master all escape maps. It’s not really a grind, it’s called playing the game.

The versus achievements on the other hand, that’s an unenjoyable grind if you’re a pve main. Most good PvP players can get carried through the hordes and escapes.


Arent both just “playing the game”?

I get where your coming from though, i play both and have all achvs until next week.

Its not our fault tc make ridiculous achvs and people will always find the best/fastest way to unlock these. Be that doing only wave 50 or using flame grenades to get damage done in pvp using friendly fire.


Does that also apply to Hives?

On my stats page it shows Mastered Hives 22/29, but on the Hives page it shows 7 Hives as Highest Difficulty: Master, Mastered Runs: 0

What page? Cause there’s 32 hives listed under stats.

On the Gears 5 | Stats | Overview page.

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