Operation 8 finish date?

What date does operation 8 finish?

I think it’s finished on the 19th of October, and then operation autopilot begins.


Operation ∞

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Operation Legend

Operation Survive

Will they continue to offer any new skins/items in the store or that all coming to an end after OP8?

Yes. There’s about a dozen character skins which have been officially revealed which haven’t been released yet,so they’ll be gradually released - some may be store items and some may be rewards for some of the events.

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You’re an ‘06 vet. Figure it out.


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Lulz. Literally looking up people’s profile.

Short man syndrome!

EDIT: Bro. You have 1000 gamerscore in COD Modern Warfare. Your allegiance to Gears is a lie. Smh

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Your allegiance with Piva piñata is real
I was joking when I thought people would love that game cause they love the colourful Rainbows in gears 5 but I guess I was right :rofl::clown_face:

Yessir. Great game. I suggested before, but you should check it out

I’m alright pal :+1:t2: I’m sure you’ll find some friends to play with on there

His GOW5 gamerscore is fairly low too. Something like below 500. I mean, I wouldn’t normally jump to conclusions based on gamerscore, but if he’s going to use it as a stick to beat other people with… :wink:

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Yeah because I think the game is bad if you haven’t noticed by now… it’s like talking to numptys I keep saying it’s the worst gears it’s defiantly in the same level as judgement I don’t like colourful rainbows I like dark and gritty.

With gamer score I’ll have a look now…

Gears 5 Iv got 740
Gears 4 Iv got 1675
Gears 3 Iv got 1150
Gears 2 Iv got 1750
And the best Gears game ever made and possibly game
Gears 1 Iv got 1250

So it’s okay for you to not play the game and still be considered a “Gears Veteran”, but if other people don’t, and dare play other games, they’re not “Gears Veterans”? :thinking:

I mean, you’re the one who is using gamerscore as a measure of fandom, so fair’s fair right?


I’m Master on gears 5 on every opp and who said anything about gears veteran? Your just making up scenarios in your head but if you think I am I appreciate it fella

You literally just said in your post my gears 5 gamer score is low? Your trying to say I’m not a gears fan because my gamer score?
Your a funny little fella

Eh… you…? You’ve been banging on about '06 Gears Veterans in lots of posts, and bashing others for being traitors; or not being proper fans etc; and using gamerscore and the fact other people sometimes play other games as a measure of their fandom. If you’re going to use this as the basis of your argument, then you better be willing when others use it to examine you. :smiley:


Master isn’t a thing anymore. Come on, it’s just leaderboards

Many people spell (the word you mean) wrong, but not many manage to turn it into a completely different word and meaning.

That marks you out as someone very special indeed.