Operation 8 Drop 2 Reveal


New characters: Alicia Valera, Michael Barrick, Oscar Diaz, Locust Rager

New map: Village

Gears 4 map: Dawn



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I’m interested in hearing Valera now that Kait’s voice is so entrenched in our brains. They probably did all new recordings to avoid the lines where she sounded a lot like Kait lol.


Dawn is a great map, happy to see it back. Personally would have chosen another map in its place, but way better than something like Drydock.

What do they mean by “Dawn is back with some changes and a new way to play” though?

Also, how long until they add Diaper Oscar?


The market stand that sold oranges is selling bread now


I like everyrhing is going to be included in this drop, the new map looks sick too!

been waiting to see this man’s reaction

Also, here is the trailer for everyone, since op didn’t post it


Valera, Barrick and Rager were all surprises. Here’s hoping the voice work is good.

And I don’t mean to ■■■■ on anything right away but did Barricks bears look a little lackluster to anyone?

The music works perfectly, can’t wait to see a good picture of her! Dawn is icing on the cake.

Only thing that ruins it is Oscar lol


Barrick still looks like a gigachad.

I wonder if his armor will still look like a beetle lol.

Looks to me like he’s been grooming himself a bit better since he died.

This is exactly what I said to a friend, lmao.


There’s just so many other choices lol

y’all should keep in mind we’re still getting refreshed TOD’s, skins, old maps so <3

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Is it just me or does Barrick look like a white Keegan?


Wouldn’t be surprised if they used Keegan’s model to work off.

But we also need to remember the last time we saw them was 10 years ago, way better technology now so it’s fair they look a little different.

Want some close ups.


He was already in the game from the start. The only thing I’ll probably never understand is, why wait until the last op?

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Just about what I expected, surprised at Alicia and Barrick but those characters deserve a return. A bit surprised Sofia didn’t make it but oh well.

I always liked Dawn as a map, thought it was great for Horde and was alright for VS as well in Gears 4. Will have to wait and see on the new map but I like the look of it.

My brilliant mind cannot comprehend some decisions made by TC :dizzy_face:

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