Operation 8 Drop 2 Is Now Live

Just A Reminder That Operation 8 Drop 2 Is Now Live!

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I saw that the new content won’t be available until 12:00 p.m. P.T.

You have 4.97 GB to download (on a One X) so unless you have lightning internet, it’ll take a while.

But this is always how TC have done it in the past, not that I exactly understand why.

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About the usual. I think for me it takes 20 minutes max.

Guess I’ll enjoy it as it’s the last content drop.

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But you can’t use your love interest in until 1 hour 41 minutes.

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Actually I’m at work so by the time I make dinner and eat, I’d say another 8 hours left for me.

Hope others can respect me and not post her until I can get my hands on my woman.

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According to the game: There is a new update.
According to the Store: There is NO new update.


Oh, is the game installed? You sure about that MS?

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Yup… The same… Even restasted the PC but no luck…

Nvm, you can see Gears 5 update in Microsoft Store by click “…” more at top right, then “Get update”.


I was told that the patch notes said - Infiltrator’s ultimate will be fixed.

Was it broken??

It was referring to multi-shooting the Overkill, when only the first shot was meant to be buffed.

Got it!

Nah. Nothing there.
no such thing


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in one more hour


The update downloaded and installed but not seeing the new maps anywhere.

See prev post.

Another hr. Doesn’t actually unlock anything until then

This one has worked a lot better for people (finally)

Previously you would hit the update button and (often) nothing would come up, sometimes same issue on the store title. I would have to boot the game only for it to tell me i was out of date and prompt an update.