Operation 8: Drop 1 Reveal

Jul 27, 2021

Operation 8: Drop 1 – Reveal

Hello everyone!

The time has come to talk about Operation 8! This post will cover everything you can expect to see when the operation goes live on Tuesday, August 3rd.


Before you dive into the full post, check out the Operation 8 trailer!

Gears 5 | Operation 8 Trailer


Bernadette Mataki

Sergeant Bernadette “Bernie” Mataki is a legendary sharpshooter who fought for the COG in the Pendulum and Locust Wars. With a caustic sense of humor and an unerring sense of aim, Bernie is a relentless force on the battlefield.

Ketor Vrol

A crusading zealot with a deep-seated hatred of humanity, Ketor Vrol is one of the first Locust and served Queen Myrrah alongside RAAM and Ukkon. Vrol is a high priest of the Locust Horde who leads his people in worshipping the Trinity of Worms, who created the sacred birthright of the Locust: the Hollows.

New Map Addition


The Weilehan people once gave tribute to the Wakaatu at these ancient ruins. Controlling both the catacombs and the altar is key to avoiding unexpected flanks.


In Operation 7, we introduced Competitive mode, bringing with it seven total playlists, each with exclusive Leaderboards.

We’re happy to announce that due to overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ll be adding Capture the Flag as our eighth and final competitive mode to Gears 5 for Operation 8 going forward. This mode will also have exclusive banners to unlock as well as a new leaderboard to climb!

Alongside competitive updates, we’ll be adding more exclusive competitive rewards, some prototype weapons, and more, let’s dive in!

PvP – Competitive Rewards

In Operation 7 we gave away the Heroic Obsidian weapon set, which was awarded in batches if you finished playlists in the top 1000. We are still going to be offering this reward with the same criteria, but we’ll be rotating through the weapon groups so that players can earn all the weapon skins without having to grind different playlists.

In addition to the above we’re still granting the same top 100/1 rewards as last season but with one change: The Grandmaster Gnasher will be swapped out for the Grandmaster Obsidian Gnasher.

For Season 9 of competitive, we’ll then swap the Obsidian Gnasher out for the Grandmaster Bloody Gnasher.

We are also adding new banners to earn for each of the competitive modes in Operation 8 so make sure to keep an eye out for that!

So just to recap, here’s how the competitive rewards will now work:

  • 100k points – Playlist Mark – 100k
  • 500k points – Playlist Mark – 500k
  • 1 million points – Playlist Master Banner
  • If you finish in the top 1,000 – Some weapons from Heroic Obsidian Gnasher set.
  • If you finish in the top 100
    • Playlist Grandmaster Banner
    • Trinity Skorge
    • Grandmaster Obsidian Gnasher
    • Golden Heart Bloodspray
  • If you finish the season as the top player
    • Golden Gnasher Bloodspray

PvP – Prototype Weapons

Throughout the development of Gears 5, we prototyped different weapons for inclusion in PvP, but, sadly many of them didn’t make it into the game.

In Operation 8 we’re going to be adding two prototype weapons to custom matches and events so you can try them out, however, they will not be customizable for skins.

Markza MK2

Back in Gears of War Judgment we released a weapon called the Breechshot. As a prototype, the Markza MK2 exists to replicate that weapon’s behavior.

The Markza MK2 is a five-round rifle, with the ability to instantly headshot an enemy, its drawback is a slow rate of fire which can cost the player opportunities or even result in their death.

To try and replicate that Gears of War Judgment feel we’ve also used the original crosshair that was present for Breechshot, which should help to achieve that same gun feel.

Revive Grenade

The Revive Grenade previously existed as the Stim-Gas Grenade in Gears of War Judgment, featuring the ability to continuously heal players inside the blast radius.

We used that as the inspiration for the Revive Grenade, which can revive Down But Not Out (DBNO) players. We imagine it can be a round changer in objective playlists.

We’re incredibly excited to get these out to you and we look forward to seeing how you use them in customs!

PvP – Tweaks

Note: Ping will still appear on this scoreboard, this is just a bot game.

  • Alongside all the updates above, we have some significant quality of life changes coming to the Versus experience, including some competitive changes.
  • We're removing the ability to see the PC Icon in Public lobbies across Gears 5. The icon will remain in place for Custom matches to help maintain esports integrity.
  • We've added an option to add a delay to the expression wheel appearing. , tThis can be toggled from instantly to 5 seconds which should help prevent accidental openings of the wheel while in combat.
  • You can now toggle off the option to "Yank" a player over cover, sometimes a player will accidentally try to yank while trying to revive a DBNO player against cover which will help prevent this issue from occurring.
  • We have updated the Scoreboard to provide more meaningful stats across the board for viewers and players.
    • Execution/Warzone: Kill/Death/Assist, Damage Done, First Bloods, Revives.
    • KOTH/Control: Kill/Death/Assist, Damage Done, OBJ Kills (any player you kill inside the objective.), Caps/Breaks.
    • TDM/Dodgeball: Kill/Death/Assist, Damage Done, Kill Streak (this is your current kill streak but will reset at the end of each round or if you die.), Revives.
    • Guardian: Kill/Death/Assist, Damage Done, Leader Kills, Revives.
    • Escalation: Kill/Death/Assist, Damage Done, Kill Streak, Caps/Breaks.
    • Gridiron/Capture the Flag: Kill/Death/Assist, Damage Done, Touchdowns, Denials.
  • We've made the following changes to competitive mode scoring:
    • Players who are playing solo will now get a 25% boost to their score at the end of a competitive match (up from 15%)
    • Players will now receive 5,000 points for a victory in all team-based competitive modes.
  • We've added the Relic Weapons into the Swap All and Custom Match weapon swaps list.


Throughout Gears 5 we have run multiple events across the game for Horde such as Nexus Siege, Escape from Kadar, and more.

We’re happy to announce that at the start of Operation 8 we’ll be adding all these event modes to Custom Games!

This will mean you can experience the Locust returning with Nexus Siege on a map such as Ephyra or mix it up with the Wakaatu on Ritual!

All the events you can now select from are listed below:

  • Boss Rush – Survive 10 waves against bosses only.
  • Escape from Kadar – Survive 10 waves against Niles' creations.
  • Horde Mania – Survive 25 waves with a short build period.
  • Horde Roulette – Survive 10 waves of random enemy combinations.
  • Jingle Juvies – Survive 20 waves of joyous Jingle Juvies.
  • Mad Man's Monsters – Survive 20 waves against the Mad Man's Monsters.
  • Nexus Siege – Survive 10 waves of Locust with no Fabricator.
  • Predator Hunt – Survive 10 waves and battle the Wakaatu with no Fabricator.

Finally, we’ve also addressed the issues that stopped us from adding Turbine and Atrium to Horde custom games, you can expect to see these in at the start of Operation 8.

Tour of Duty

With a new Operation comes an all-new Tour of Duty with exclusive content to gather. See the full list below!

Basics – 2,000 Gear Coins on completion

Name Description Mode Stars
Team Medic Revive 150 Teammates All 5
Carnage Do 10000000 Damage All 5
Body Count Get 10000 Eliminations All 5
Finish Them Kill 4000 Enemies All 5
Marksman Hit 500 Headshots kills All 5
Executioner Perform 150 Executions All 5
Operation 8 Tour of Duty Basic Rewards

Weapons – 2,000 Gear Coins on completion

Name Description Mode Stars
Lancer Carnage Deal 250000 Damage with the Lancer All 5
Gnasher Body Count Get 250 Eliminations with the Gnasher All 5
Pistol Carnage Deal 150000 Damage with the Snub, Boltok, or Talon All 5
Big Boom Body Count Get 100 Eliminations with the Boomshot, Dropshot, or Frag Grenades All 6
Blazing Carnage Deal 100000 Damage with the Scorcher or Incendiary Grenades All 6
Marksman Body Count Get 100 Eliminations with the Longshot, EMBAR, or Torque Bow All 6
Operation 8 Tour of Duty Weapon Rewards

Tour of Duty Specialist – 3,000 Gear Coins on completion

Name Description Mode Stars
Battleworn Complete 200 Rounds of Versus, Waves of Horde, or Acts of Escape All 5
Drop Em Get 100 Downs All 5
Splish Splash Do 50000 Damage with Incendiary and/or Shock Grenades All 5
Active Living Get 150 Active Reload Kills All 5
Double Dipper Get 20 Double Kills in Versus Matches Versus 5
Do Your Part Get 100 Assists in Versus Matches Versus 5
Sending a Message Get 25 Executions in Versus Matches Versus 6
Operation 8 Tour of Duty Specialist Rewards

Tour of Duty Master – 5,000 Gear Coins on completion

Name Description Mode Stars
Killjoy Get 5 Ring-Breaks in a single Versus Match Versus 4
Busy Bee Get 3 Triple Kills in Competitive Versus Matches Versus 5
Show Off Get 5 Executions in a single Versus Match 3 times Versus 5
Goon Get 5 or more Kills without dying in a single Versus Match Versus 5
Tryhard Score 5000 Points or more in 25 Competitive Versus Matches Versus 6
Eager Beaver Get the First kill 10 times in Versus Matches Versus 6
Bully Survive 25 Waves of Horde and/or Acts of Escape on Inconceivable Difficulty or Higher PVE 6
Operation 8 Tour of Duty Master Rewards

Escape – 5,000 Gear Coins on completion

Name Description Mode Stars
Escape Attempts Survive 50 Acts of Escape Escape 4
Escape Carnage Do 3000000 Damage in Escape Escape 5
Escape Body Count Get 1000 Eliminations in Escape Escape 5
Boss Hunter Get 30 Boss Eliminations in Escape Escape 5
Hivebusters Survive 10 Acts of Escape as Lahni, Keegan, or Mac Escape 5
Scion Hunter Get 50 Scion Eliminations in Escape Escape 5
Escape Master Escape 10 Hives on Master Difficulty in this Operation Escape 6
Operation 8 Tour of Duty Escape Rewards

Horde – 5,000 Gear Coins on Completion

Name Description Mode Stars
Wave Survivor Survive 150 Waves of Horde Horde 4
Horde Carnage Do 6000000 Damage in Horde Horde 5
Horde Body Count Get 3000 Eliminations in Horde Horde 5
Boss Hunter Get 30 Boss Eliminations in Horde Horde 5
Power Horder Collect 1000000 Energy in Horde Horde 5
Locust Hunter Get 200 Locust Eliminations in Horde Horde 5
Horde Master Survive 50 Waves of Horde or Frenzy on Master Difficulty Horde 6
Operation 8 Tour of Duty Horde Rewards

Versus Basics – 3,000 Gear Coins on Completion

Name Description Mode Stars
Quickplay Veteran Win 10 Classic Quickplay matches Versus 5
Versus Carnage Do 1500000 Damage in Versus matches Versus 5
Season Slaughter Get 5000 Eliminations in Versus Versus 5
Versus Medic Revive 50 Teammates in Versus Matches Versus 5
COG Victories Win 25 Versus Matches as COG Versus 5
Swarm Victories Win 25 Versus Matches as Swarm Versus 5
Ring Master Capture 100 Rings in Versus Versus 5
Operation 8 Tour of Duty Versus Rewards

Competitive – 3,000 Gear Coins on Completion

Name Description Mode Stars
Competitive Veteran Win 20 Competitive Versus Matches Versus 6
Competitive Slayer Get 200 Eliminations in Competitive Matches Versus 5
2v2 Gnasher Veteran Win 15 Rounds of Versus Competitive 2v2 Gnasher Matches Versus 5
Free-For-All Veteran Get 100 Eliminations in Competitive Free-For-All Matches Versus 5
Control Veteran Win 15 Rounds in Competitive Control Matches Versus 5
Guardian Veteran Win 20 Rounds of Competitive Guardian Matches Versus 5
Execution Veteran Win 5 Matches of Competitive Execution 2.0 Versus 5
Operation 8 Tour of Duty Versus Rewards

Versus Events – 3,000 Gear Coins on completion

Name Description Mode Stars
Event Veteran Complete 1000 Rounds of Versus Weekly Events Versus 4
Event Eliminator Get 250 Eliminations across any Versus Weekly Events Versus 5
Event Executioner Get 10 Executions across any Versus Weekly Events Versus 5
Event Marksman Get 30 Headshots across any Versus Weekly Events Versus 5
Event Winner Win 50 Rounds of Versus Weekly Events Versus 6
Event Champion Win 10 Matches across any Versus Weekly Events Versus 6
Operation 8 Tour of Duty Versus Events Rewards

All the stars earned from the dailies and medals will go towards earning the following rewards in the Tour:

Name Rewards Type Reward Name
Recruit I Coins 2000
Recruit II Weapon Skin Ghillie Camo Loadout Set
Recruit III Coins 750
Recruit IV Weapon Skin Sandglass Precision Set
Recruit V Character Skin Hivebuster Dizzy
Private I Coins 1000
Private II Coins 1000
Private III Weapon Skin Ghillie Camo Power Set
Private IV Coins 1000
Private V Character Skin C Company Bernie
Corporal I Coins 1000
Corporal II Weapon Skin Ghillie Camo Assault Set
Corporal III Coins 1000
Corporal IV Iron 100
Corporal V Weapon Skin Sandglass Power Set
Sergeant I Coins 1250
Sergeant II Iron 100
Sergeant III Coins 1250
Sergeant IV Weapon Skin Ghillie Camo Precision Set
Sergeant V Character Skin Savage Scion
Officer I Coins 1500
Officer II Weapon Skin Sandglass Assault Set
Officer III Coins 1500
Officer IV Blood Spray Reaper Bloodspray
Officer V Weapon Skin Sandglass Loadout Set
Lieutenant I Coins 1750
Lieutenant II Iron 100
Lieutenant III Coins 1750
Lieutenant IV Weapon Skin Predator Feathers Precision Set
Lieutenant V Expression Mind Blown Expression
Captain I Coins 2000
Captain II Coins 2000
Captain III Weapon Skin Predator Feathers Power Set
Captain IV Coins 2000
Captain V Mark Bird of Prey Mark
Major I Coins 2250
Major II Coins 2250
Major III Iron 100
Major IV Coins 2250
Major V Character Skin Islander Tai
Colonel I Coins 2500
Colonel II Coins 2500
Colonel III Weapon Skin Predator Feathers Assault Set
Colonel IV Coins 2500
Colonel V Expression Guitar Solo Expression
Major General I Coins 2750
Major General II Coins 3000
Major General III Weapon Skin Predator Feathers Loadout Set
Major General IV Coins 3500
Major General V Iron 100
General Character Skin Trinity Vrol


Operation 8 will also see us increasing the total number of re-ups in Gears 5, as we go from 50 to 60. Just like before each new re-up grants an exclusive reward that can only be attained from that re-up!

XP Curve per re-up

The list below contains the amount of XP per level required in the specific re-up

Re-Up 50 Re-Up 51 Re-Up 52 Re-Up 53 Re-Up 54 Re-Up 55 Re-Up 56 Re-Up 57 Re-Up 58 Re-Up 59 Re-Up 60
6875 7175 7475 7775 8075 8375 8725 9075 9425 9775 10125

Rewards List

  • Re-up 51: Space Race Precision Set
  • Re-up 52: King $#?@ Blood Spray
  • Re-up 53: Space Race Assault Set
  • Re-up 54: Crown Mark & Triumph Banner
  • Re-up 55: Heroic Karn
  • Re-up 56: Wipe Hands Expression
  • Re-up 57: Space Race Power Set
  • Re-up 58: Golden Crown Blood Spray
  • Re-up 59: Space Race Loadout Set
  • Re-up 60: Heroic Kait


For Operation 8 we’re adding 17 new achievements across Gears 5, totaling an additional 500 Gamerscore. Details are below:

Achievement Name Gamerscore Requirement
Legendary Operator 100 Reach Legend 25 in an operation
A Real Gear 50 Reach Re-Up 50
Re-Up Mastery 50 Reach Re-Up 60
Seriously 5.0 Chapter 2 150 50 Re-ups Finish Campaign on Inconceivable Master all 32 Escape Hives Master all Horde maps in 50 wave and Frenzy modes Get all PvE classes to level 20
In Total Control 10 Win a Control and/or KOTH match on 10 different maps
Event Planner 5 Win 10 matches in Versus Events
Back In Style 15 Win 10 matches of Execution
Grave Consequences 5 Win a Versus match on Tomb
Destroyed Beauty 5 Win a Versus match on Ephyra
Last Rites 5 Win a Versus match on Ritual
Bernie is Back 10 Win 5 Versus matches with Bernie
Trusted Advisor 10 Win 5 Versus matches with Vrol
Chamber of Horrors 5 Complete a match of Horde Frenzy on Atrium
Take Command 5 Complete a match of Horde Frenzy on Command
Breezing Through 5 Complete a match of Horde Frenzy on Turbine
Total Annihilation 70 Do 400,000,000 damage in Horde or Escape

XP Event

To celebrate Operation 8, we’re happy to announce that from Friday, August 6 to Monday, August 9 we’ll be running a triple XP boost event, this will also include Character XP!

This will go live at 10:00 AM PDT, so be sure to get your grind ready!

And that’s it for our Operation 8 reveal. Keep an eye out for next week’s This Week in Gears post which will contain the patch notes.


It’s ok, I like the comic bernie I might actually play as her.

The MKII Markza literally looks the same as the MKI unless I’m missing something unique about it. Is the barrel longer?
They could’ve slapped the old sniper scope back on the gun just to make it a little more different.

The general reward skin actually looks usable to me as well but it sucks for the pve players once again :joy:

I also notice commando Hoffman is making a return. About time :relieved: a much better choice then dress uniform :unamused:

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As expected not much in the way of content with 1 map and 2 characters. Reward are really poor as well overall.

Good to see capture the flag arrive in comp though, I did enjoy that.

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Ha! I called capture the flag being a comp playlist


Nice that we will be getting more custom options in Horde. I take it from this that there are no major balance changes when it comes to classes?

I’m interested to see if there are any bug fixes especially when it comes to that.

I can see people being annoyed with the Legend 100 and the Re-up 60 achievement, I presume that previous xp doesn’t count towards the new re-up xp come Op8, if so that is disappointing but not surprising.

I will await judgment on the operation until I’ve played a decent amount of it.

EDIT: Will the prototype weapons come over to Horde?

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Why add more Re-Up achievements without increasing exp gain across all modes?
Why ask players to do both 50 and Frenzy for Chapter 2? Hopefully there is a cheese method to do 50.

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Sandglass looks fire.

Thank you for putting events into private matches.

Can we get a look at what those reup weapon skins look like?

All I have to do is master the new maps then I get Seriously chapter 2 by defualt. Pretty happy about that.

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The map looks like it has too much going on

the best part might be the new scoreboard layout…


I better have my 65 million XP when I log in on Tuesday TC…


Cheevos are an absolute joke - 3x 50s and Frenzys next tuesday and it’s done. But the rest is probably not retroactive so hurray for Legend 100…

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inb4 your account bugs out and you have the 0 progress glitch ;^)


That screenshot of Ritual looks sick. The statue faces worn down by time look horrifying.
The prototype weapons are a really cool concept. I’m definitely gonna check out the Judgement Markza. Or Breechshot Markza, I guess.

On the picture they posted on Twitter, they seemed to imply that there would be 4 characters & 2 maps for the mid-season drop. I really hope that’s true.

But yeah, I’ll say I’m much more optimistic about this than I was before lol.

Edit: Also, do I spot a Commando Hoffman in that last picture?

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Yeah 4 characters and two maps is certainly better. Should’ve been the case for both drops, a new map and a port each time say.

always feels like drop one is somewhat rushed like they haven’t had enough time to get it done. I’d rather stuff be delayed if so.

I swear TC does it on purpose to annoy me. Just like it couldn’t have been all maps on Frenzy… nooooo… it also has to be done on 50 waves because I like playing a boring game mode for 2+ hours without stopping… and do that I don’t know how many times.


Is this Roadmap accurate? 4 characters and 2 maps in Drop 2? If so that sounds pretty good to me. Hopefully one of the maps is Diner.


35 maps in total, technically at least. Unless we have to wait until Mid-drop to unlock S5.2

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The firs “anonymous” character looks like Casan; oh dear god


Looks pretty decent tbh.

Kinda wish there were some tweaks to horde besides the events, but nothing else for me to complain about really.

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