Operation 8 cover art

Since supposedly 8 is the last operation can we vote on the cover art regardless of what characters show up or at least bring back the original art since we might be stuck looking at it forever? I also wouldn’t mind just a black background with just gears 5 and the logo haha. EDIT THE THUMBNAIL ART TO LAUNCH THE GAME SORRY FOR THE CONFUSION

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We could also go back to pre OP 1 gears where it would show locations of the campaign.
Also we should have the gears 5 music back, I like the gears 2 soundtrack that we have atm but it ruins the immersion of 5.

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I agree, I thought that was just to go with the theme of Op5 Hollow Storm.

from what I’ve seen on YouTube comments ALOT of people would disagree with you guys since many actually like the new menu theme since it feels like gears of war rather than the old upbeat cheery music that felt like it came from a different game.


I also agree with you. I don’t think it ruins the immersion just thought it was only gonna be for Op 5

It was for Hollow Storm, and it was super nostalgic. But I want to feel like im playing a TC gears, music matters alot to me in videogames. its apart of the immersion for me, and 5 has a great soundtrack so id love for it to come back.

Although things are the opposite for Doom eternal with the new menu theme on the last DLC which has led many fans into wanting an option to switch back to the old menu theme. Feels like a parallel opposite to gears 5 fans reaction :joy:

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No doubt about it, soundtracks are criminally under-appreciated

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People I’m not talking about the menu just the thumbnail art to launch the game

Original art was crappy af tbh

But at the very least it matches the physical box art


The obvious choice is something Gears 3, being as we are celebrating the greatest Gears being 10 in September.:facepunch::wink:

Why,what is wrong with the last operations Art ?

Here, have your rose coloured glasses, you earned them!

Don’t need them, play 3 weekly and it is STILL a stunner

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Wait, I thought the Servers were down for month…I’m so confused.

Check some of my captures, you will see that is not the case. An active KOTH community of maybe 100-150 of us ?

As much as that would be cool I’d rather have gears 5 art in gears 5. Or give us the option to change our art and music so we can all make our choices there :slight_smile:

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They should just have it to where you can pick ANY music from ANY Gears game to be the main menu. Like you could probably have RAAM’s theme or Heroic Assault playing.

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I loved the simple & erie gears UE menu man

Don’t care for some character standing there (or at least make it your selected cog/swarm skins)