Operation 8 - Complaints

Am I the only one thinking those Heroic Skin is a bit Weird looking?

Very shiny


You’re supposed to flex your superior armor on others.

I want Kaits. I like hers the most. Kantus is also very :hot_face:

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Am i the only one who doesnt have the gears 2 curb stomp auto unlocked on the gnasher and lancer?

Heroic skins are for the insane attention grab. You want to shine!.. Unless it’s a dark pvp map, then you’re a beacon. But I’m PvE… GLOOOOW!

At least Horde is working perfectly. Oh wait…


Almost looks like some type of beast mode.

I wear heroic even in pvp.

I’m just a image

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Playerbase is basically non-existent and the game is still not playable 30 minutes after launch…

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Now I’ve been kicked from Horde mode . Oh and my level has been reset and I can’t access the new tour of duty medals.

My fav feature. Plz never remove. The joy i get when @xxsmudge batxx ghost melees cannot be replaced.

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Still buggy on my end. Certain things won’t load in and while a few achievements popped I can’t see them. Oh and the game just kicked me when trying to load into Ritual so good update.
Edit: I just got the update now? Weird

Ugh, there’s a medal for 10 acts of escape as the Hivebusters, and Lahni is the easy choice of those three, but she’s too short to carry the salvos over the walls in the last act of The Clock. And obviously I’m going to grind The Clock on Master for the bonus cards, it being the weekly.

Apparently achievements are still going through just not showing in game .
Hopefully get a load of promotions soon when TC sort it out .

I heard it in my head when I read this.

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She can still do it but it is harder. If you are having trouble, try doing the one handed trick.

They just couldn’t help themselves could they? They just had to throw out yet another Swarm Hero as the final General Reward? Yet another character I will never play as. My Cosmonaut stands as the only unique Cog reward. I’m very disappointed.


They’ll likely be a feedback thread later, after the Op has been out for a bit.

I’m downloading the update rn. Cant wait to see all the bugs peeps are talking about lmao.

You can get an obscure skin but I cant get my gears 3 dom. What has the world come to :pensive:

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No, the Curb Stomp pack is in the Featured section of the Store, it’s a pack containing the Gears 2 Curb Stomp for all three pistols and the Lancer and Gnasher.

It wasn’t previously available for the Lancer and Gnasher, and to get it, unfortunately you have to buy the pack, even if you have it already for the pistols sadly.

Nevermind, now I’m getting mixed up with similar items.

Possibly the Gears 2 Curb Stomp is coming later as a Store item, like the Roundhouse Curbstomp.