Operation 8: Classic Elimination No TDM

Tried getting a quickplay TDM in classic elimination last night and couldn’t get a game (played several). It was only the other modes like Execution 2.0, Dodgeball etc. Are the devs looking to phase TDM out of QP? I was unhappy with the playlist method on Op 7, but TDM usually won the votes.

I’m happy to move to ranked, but I party up with players of varying skill sets and experience. We usually chilled out on QP TDM and had a laugh. Ranked is more serious and my friends aren’t all interested in competitive play.

Hey LondonSkyLines,

I’ve been playing GOW since 11/2006. I had the same issue no more TDM in Quick Play. I’m taking a break from Gears of War the Coalition is ruining the game and driving away old time players.

I miss the old days with Cliffy B.