Operation 7 update emptied my account

I watched esports events fully even after the time limit unlocked all team phantom skins and was getting black steels unlocks all gone now.

Character skins looked thru all characters skins Unlocked and I unlocked all of them. Bought with gears coins

Unlocked weapon skins unlocked with earned in game currency and gears coins the gold an white weapons with gold white Merrya unlocked with in game currency.

Unlocked all executions events and store last earned was the rip off arms and beat down with them. The ready instore that was just with the game bought with in game currency

Bought all Chrome steel characters when they first came out dislike that they are all in store again but not the point all missing from my account. Bought chrome steel weapons and just now bought black steel savage kantus and I bought and unlocked everything recently added to this update now then I noticed everything I had before is gone! Please help!

Flags gone! team esports that are no longer available in store gone! I if try and unlock everything and if I can’t unlock everything I got for the lancers to unlock first then the snub then the gnasher and then unlock all after but some time the lancers all the way at the end of the medals earning so I push for that and it’s terrible thinking about how I pushed myself to get it and with short time I had back then with work and only had 2 days or a day free to unlock push all nighters and get it unlocked. Paid for them used in game currency when it was available and now it’s just all gone like that from an update??? I even watched esports events at work just muted the volume! This sucks big time! Please pleas pretty please!! Help me get everything back! Please!!

Try restarting from what I’ve seen on other threads

If not, submit a ticket and put “OP7” on the subject line