Operation 7 - Known Issues

Not sure if the team is aware of this issue but the “Stats” page is showing me 0.00% on most “Modes” Escape/Horde/Versus . It’s also saying I didn’t complete any “Escape master” Map’s when Ive done them on Master several time’s. Is the team aware of this stats page bug in-game. It also says 99.99% DLC with time played 0:00. Stat’s page in-game seem’s to be messed up. Just bringing this to your attention. 0 time played in most mode’s and I have logged 47+ Day’s on Gears 5.


As in the Feedback thread.

On PC, when using Mouse and Keyboard at the start of the hive when you come out of the pod.
The Mouse pointer will stay for a few seconds, you can run straight forward or dodge straight forward but not use the wasd keys to move.
After a few seconds the pointer will go away and you can move normally.
With a controller it works.

Not a big deal but in hives like venom run it costs you a few valuable seconds.

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Are you aware of the Infiltrator bleed bug with the Laceration card? If not I have a gallery of clips where I get odd bleed values on enemies (the most common being the 3000 damage with the initial shot and 275 bleed damage).

About The Horde Tile Event, it sometimes locks player’s Everything, which cannot move ( Cannot change the Character & Class & Cards) after some players Join.

OP7 patch notes:

The daily challenge for damage in Versus was not actually changed, this is a screenshot from today:


This one isn’t really caused by OP7 because it’s been in the game since launch but I’m so desperate in trying to get it heard so it can finally get fixed as my support ticket on it apparently got ignored or never reached anyone.

Some sources of external healing from skill cards or passives do not work at all when a player is already regenerating their health normally. This is especially noticeable by a Jack in Horde trying to heal beam someone with Regen Penalty enabled.

If you heal beam someone before their own health regen kicks in, it’s fine, as seen in here: https://streamable.com/4onbun
Meanwhile if you heal beam someone while they’re already regenerating health on their own, this happens instead (pay attention to their health bar): https://streamable.com/o92qgn

I demonstrated the issue on AI Soldiers but it’s 100% reproducible every time on players in a normal match as well. I also think most skill cards that give health after certain actions or even passives can be affected by this.

Sorry @Imstifucan you elaborate on this, perhaps include a screenshot?

God I hope they fix Marcus’s leg armor and the Theron’s they already fixed vold RAAM and anyone who’s has the same armor as Marcus doesn’t bend by the shins.

Can you get a clearer image please, and I presume you’ve submitted a ticket for this and included a clear image?

I may try a Screenshot if I am encountered this problem against.

To elaborate more clearly, the consequences are below:

  1. The count down time for the Horde Tile Event is 60 seconds.

  2. During the count down, we may have other players matchmaking and joining here. Therefore, the count down time will increase 30 seconds once you have players joining in.

  3. However, mostly, the System will Lock you everything including Class Change & Characters Change in the Last 5 seconds because it’s going to presume Nobody join and Prepare to start the Game, but I had some players joining in the last 2~3 seconds.

  4. The system is a bit slow that the count down still increase 30 seconds, but the system is having the pre-loading Map Screen, and I can’t change Everything & see Anything (only the Background of Op7, I can’t see what Classes the new players play after they join) . so I just only able to watch the count down time remaining 30 seconds, and go to Load the Map.

These are the pictures I have right now but if they aren’t clear I can take some later and yes I’ve submitted a ticket but it was a while ago.

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Yes I’ve noticed this but another issue with the Turret is it also seems to not bleed unless the player is off the turret after firing.

It shows the 675 base damage with bleed damage indicator (like the red raindrop symbol) but not ACTUALLY bleeding the enemy until the user gets off the turret. Not to mention whether the turret actually bleeds the proper 30% per tick - which is hard to tell bc there’s no damage numbers from the bleeding itself. Look into this?

@TC_Shauny @TC_Sera @TC_MichaelAOS

Tagging Michael’s a good shout, @tc_michaelaos, I have no doubt he’ll look into it when he can :smiley:



  • When clicking on a store item, the new page doesn’t require a new button press in order to buy something
    • This can causes someone to accidentally spend iron
    • More details HERE
    • Dev actually responded HERE in Aug 2020 saying they should fix it


  • Classic Elimination lists the 3 single-life modes, but I could have sworn I played TDM in there the 1 time I played it.
    • Quickplay FFA should identify that it’s 14 player and that it includes events
    • Haven’t experienced myself, but I heard QP FFA sometimes has wrong weapon spawns for event variants

Private Matches:

  • FFA OSOK is only listed for 8 players
  • FFA Gnashers only is only listed for 14 players
  • FFA OSOK is not grouped with the other FFA modes
  • Execution 2.0 only allows 4 players per team
  • Control (esports) only allows 4 players per team
  • Control only allows 4 players per team
  • Playlist is organized by alphabetical for most, but a few are mixed up
  • Fill with Bots option is not working properly - or at least isn’t doing what it says it’s supposed to do
    • It says it’s supposed to fill all open slots with bots (and that’s what I’d expect)
    • Instead, it appears to “fill to balance”
      • If 1 team only has 2 open slots, and the other team has all 5 open, I’d expect those all to be filled. Instead it will only fill to 2 per team
      • If playing one of the modes that’s limited to 4 players per team, the 5th slot is invisible and can’t be locked/unlocked. This throws off the “fill with bots” count
    • I’ll note that “fill to balance” would be a nice setting to add…but not as a replacement for “fill with bots”

As a note about the modes that I listed as "only allows 4 players per team…
I understand that online these are 4v4 modes. There’s no reason to limit them in private though. People can lock slots if they so desire. By locking the slots, it just creates modes that we’re now unable to play with our friends when we’re doing private lobbies. On a similar note, Escalation is now 4v4 (I think), but private still allows 5v5.
…and as a bonus note, that point about those modes now being unplayable in private with a full lobby - even if not balanced enough for online IF you’re somehow able to make make private FFA allow 10 people on normal maps (even if unbalanced), it would at least let us play it without 2 people sitting out.


Oh…not sure if these are really bugs, but figured I’d add:

  • Lambent & Locust/Swarm are still spawning together on occasion (and fighting in spawn)
  • Lambent explosion causes severe damage (or will kill/down) someone after chainsaw/retro charge
    • in previous games you’d kick/throw them away so that the explosion didn’t hurt as much
      • if that’s not possible, perhaps there could be a slight delay before the explosion?

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Longe character cringe when near a Snatcher or Carrier as it explodes. Impossible to move for way too long. When playing close quarters character classes it’s extremely detrimental and puts you at risk for being killed. This isn’t new but I’ll throw it in here.

The Frags from trackers do not resupply from Grenade Resupply on Slugger even though they are Frags.
(Every other grenade works with this Resupply perk)

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apart from the removal of ranks in a competing shooter(lol) ive been kicked out of the match while being attacked with the scorcher, has happened a few times now which results in a ban.