Operation 7 - Feedback

They announced it will be fixed within the next 2 weeks. Apparently they need a Title Update to address it.


Not every pc player is good especially on Mouse and keyboard, Also bringing back the option to disable crossplay will hurt the pc population by a lot

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I play on PC and I never had any complaints regarding queues.


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Honestly I’m not a huge fan of this new versus system. I don’t really get the point of making the heroic skins unreachable for most of the players. Just professional players can have them, and to be honest it doesn’t feel rewarding to me. Everyone should reach every reward with some effort, but in this way you are excluding a big player base from obtaining that skins.


Since most takes are bad in forums, I’ll summarize the good

Control > Koth
It’s healthier and there are less issues with crossing due to having to stay inside the ring to capture it, making it easier for people to push and to avoid boring campy games.

PVE changes are fun

Leaderboards are less stressful and it gives everyone the chance to get the skins. It’s not a ranked system that works as a grind, it’s a leaderboard system that works as a leaderboard system, so it works as intended. There’s no punishment so there’s less pressure on people for losing even after being the best in their team. It actually feels fun to play the competitive mode.

Crossplay should stay toggled on always, but matchmaking should be better to avoid people getting stomped. Since people always cry “PC PLAYER REEEEEE” if they lose against someone.

Including some sort of “medal” for reaching a certain spot would be nice (like a rank). Would help make feel players rewarded and who knows, it could even serve as some sort of guideline to matchmaking? idk

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Hi, TC, Hope you all are doing well. Op7 it’s been so bittersweet, Ephyra is so good, OSOK nice, but I see that the competitive balance is not so good, my K/D is 1.62 and I know that I have to play against some of the same K/D, but in my team are always 1 or 2 players that just kill 1 enemy in all the match. The just see the map and don’t fight. That’s not cool at all. Then how someone has reached 4,077,945!? I guess the leaderboard is bugged and I hope you can fix it, I had 500,000 points with just one game of Free for all. Then when someone hits you with just one bullet of anything no matter the distance, you get the whole screen red and that is not good because you don’t really know how much damage you’re getting. And for horde I don’t know if it’s just my account but I can’t play in ATRIO, the other two maps I can get in, but in ATRIO I can’t, it’s impossible. That’s all the feedback I can give right now. I know you’re working hard trying to fix everything, Have a great day and thanks for all.

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The leader boards need to be based on win loss ratio and have kill death ratios, people will play harder and longer to earn the best stats. Your leaderboards don’t mean much as they are at the moment.

Control should be best of 2 and lower the round lengths.

With the new field of view changes on console, players are bouncing and getting stuck on each other half way through, literally played a custom and me and a friend were bouncing and both getting stuck on each other at the same time and both just in limbo mid bounce.

Extra bullets to kill the downs is amazing!

When bouncing into cover and trying to tap run straight after to roadie the character doesn’t move till you press run again this is on default scheme

Faster bouncing was more fun in operation 4 reaction time meant more and made the skill gap more vast.

It would be nice to see who is using a mouse and keyboard and who is using a controller before the game starts.

Mouse players clearly have a big advantage I don’t think it’s very fair controller players have to play against mouse when it’s so accurate and faster response times than controller,

disabling mouse and keyboard would help console players get over the fact of pc players having a huge advantage and level the playing field not even pc players who use controller want to play against mouse players, true gears of war players use controller, it’s banned at tournaments and should’nt be allowed

also mouse players can turn off evade and never roll. Can players using controllers be given the ability to turn off evade or move it separate and be given a scheme with take cover/run on the same button with evade on a separate button?


Well, I think that OP 7 is doing it very good improving the game mechanics, however, I have some concerns about PvE. I would like to see more new content in escape mode, that is because it became repetitive after a while playing it. After a few weeks playing the same hives it becames sorta boring, I would like to see Escape mode back in your game development, it has potencial but I feel that escape mode has been already forgotten on TC plans.
Finally it would be great if the combat medic class had more skills damage, it stucked behind all the others classes by far.

In my opinion in competitive modes you should get rewards just of you reach certain milestones, not If you remain in the top 1000 by the end of the season

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I don’t understand how we now have more options than ever before, (some controversial ones) whether you’re talking controller settings, FOV, cross play or game modes but we can’t simply have control and koth.

How is it logical that we are getting tdm full 4v4, guardian 5v5, esca and even execution 2.0 into ranked/competitive but we can’t have the option for control and koth? We are getting all these modes and options now that the game is on its final legs but didn’t get them a while back? I have a tough time understanding that. The argument before was the low population and now that restriction has been lifted? Surely, we can get the most popular mode back in play.

From what I have gathered, those who prefer control are against koth and those who prefer koth just want koth. I hate doing that left vs right stuff, I try to stay as objective as possible at all times but I can’t ignore what I have seen. There are people literally once again celebrating the “death” of a mode like they did with TDM a while back.

Leave control alone, leave it 4v4 and best of one round. Return koth 5v5 and best of three rounds.

All arguments about game mode redundancy are completely shortsighted and invalid. Okay, so make both modes available at the same time and tell me which one gets more players. The redundant mode by their definition would be control. Dying by their own sword.

Where is the logic? It is entirely irrelevant if you prefer control over koth or not. Is this more about protecting the new mode and then returning koth at some point to “create content”? Baseball is cool, could be considered better or boring, but what do you do if the kids prefer to play kickball?

Doesn’t matter what mode you prefer or any other argument, in your honest analysis of the community, do you think that koth would have more players than control? If the answer is yes (we know it is) then you have yourself a problem.

Also, make the leaderboards be skill based not time based.

TLDR: Seeing how we now have a plethora of options, from settings to game modes, I don’t believe it would be harmful to have control be 4v4 best of 1 round and koth return 5v5 best of 3 rounds. It doesn’t have to be one or the other, they both have their own pros and cons. If TC strangely decides they can only have one ring mode in competitive, then make both available at the same time and keep the one with the most players.

  1. Bring back ranks, I like the new system, but only players who play a lot will be able to get the final rewards, implement ranks into the new system.

  2. You guys said that you fixed Anya’s hands, and while her hands are smaller in the customization menu and pve, her hands are still huge in pvp. I feel like this is universal across all female characters, as this happens to Hana and Kait as well.

  3. In the quickplay playlist classic elimination it says that it includes gridiron, execution, and dodgeball, but i think tdm replaced execution bc I haven’t played a match of execution in that playlist and i have played tdm which isn’t mentioned in the description.

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There’s an option in your Xbox dashboard to block other platforms. You don’t have to play against pc

This Operation is so good im from PC and finally i can find quick match and play with more players, map EPHYRA is so good more maps like that,
things to do this operation:

  • Gnasher: a little more damage 10% more.
    -The mechanics of the “fight” mode event that when someone took a weapon, the time for that weapon to appear again appear.
    -That you can change the camara when you are pointing cause people that are in left have more advantage.
    -For people dosent like to play with pc you can make a option for pc call console that when you turn on fps limit 120 fps like serie x to play with crossplay always

The game feels amazing and fun to play but please control with only one round it’s boring and frustrating because you end the match in 8 minutes that’s the only thing that I don’t like everything else is good keep the good work on :heart:

Please Disable crossplay.
Please Bring KOTH 5v5 back. Control is no fun at all.
Please Give the old ranking system back. Right now it doesn’t matter whether you play good, just play a lot and reach higher rank, meaningless.


stay crossplay im from pc and im so glad that now i can play the game with more people, some console player want crossplay off but serie x have more advantage than xbox one 60 fps, 120 fps and not every pc player have a good pc to play gears 5 at 120 fps so crossplay is ok

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It’s unfair for console players face pc players

In many countries there are no stock kof new generation Xbox, the biggest percent of gears of war 5 still playing in old gen Xbox one

Pc players are toxic with Xbox comunity, we are more than pc players, you should protect us, not them


**incoming angry console players who are scared of pc players