Operation 7 - Feedback

Hello everyone!

Just as recently as Tuesday we released Operation 7 Drop 1, a significant update for us here at The Coalition, we’ve been kept busy by all of the feedback and posts coming in on it!

We’d like to use this post as a centralised point for feedback related to the update itself, while we can’t guarantee they’ll be actioned on, we can assure you that we are reading them and passing the feedback along.

To make this process as easy as possible please make clear whether your feedback is PvE, PvP or content related.

Gib change:

In Operation 7 we changed the gib range for the Gnasher, some details on the change below:

The OP6 gib update made gibbing more consistent with cover slips, sliding to covers, etc. A side effect of the update meant however, you could gib further than intended. In OP7, we’ve adjusted the gib range to be where we believe it should have been when we made the initial change in OP6.

We’ll continue to monitor the distance to see if its a healthy one, so make sure to give us your feedback!


The biggest question we’re get regarding competitive is around skill ratings, currently we have a bug that is affecting the searching of competitive matches and not providing the fairest matches, this is an issue we’re deep diving into currently and want to fix at some point next week.

Competitive itself continues to be powered by TrueSkill which is the system we use to decide your skill rating.

Trueskill is a baysien skill rating system that takes a set of inputs (the player’s matches), and based on that and the player’s that are in the given match (and their skills), determines what the outcome should be and modifies the player’s skill accordingly.

As previously mentioned the most frequent comment we’re seeing is regarding the matchmaking in competitive is in relation to not feeling like you’re against people of the same skill. The problem right now is that there’s a bug where we don’t seem to currently use it for matchmaking, we’re looking to resolve this as soon as next week.

Also, feel free to see the known issues for Operation 7 here!


Gameplay wise everything feels good so far. (I still prefer OP4’s tuning cuz I kicked ■■■ back then, now I only slap butts but I’ll take it)

I liked that you guys no longer use the ranking system we had and are applying this one which sounds more promising to get better matches.

However I’d suggest making the leaderboards based on skill rather than grind. I’m sure you guys have the brains to do it and it would make many players be motivated to play more often.

Other than that, nice update.


Turn cross play toggle option back on.

Usually my friends and i play gears pvp all nite at the weekend but after playing against pc players all my friends decided they didnt want to play gears if we always get matched with pc players…

Not everyone has a series X or S and plays on top of the range tv/monitors.


And switch KOTH and Control, preferably KOTH 5v5


Seeing as the top 1000 obsidian stuff is near impossible for the likes of me who play a few times a week at most I’d say to tick the grinding box we need better total score rewards and not just a banner and mark. Rather dull rewards if I recall that’s all it is.

Say for (a brief) example in Guardian earn a total score of 2 million (or higher) you unlock the golden hunter/gear + a golden omen weapon set.

The obsidian reward is cool and for the folk that have the time to battle it out, fair play, but for the rest of us it’d be nice to have some other unique stuff to work towards in each mode whilst enjoying comp


thank you for the update @TC_Shauny

cross posting from the complaint thread

  • disable toggle for the emote wheel

  • disable toggle for bloodsprays

  • weapon/character skin randomizer

  • remove the shot delays introduced in the last tuning change

  • show a players MMR in percentile when looking at personal stats


In PvP, I’m not a Huge fan because I’m average in it.

  • However, Grinding isn’t be a Problem if you have the Entrance Fee in Ranking.

  • Leaderboard is a Good Thing, so I would just like to have Entrance Fee after you reach some Points, and increase the Entrance Fee after Points 200,000, 500,000 & 1,000,000 etc. The more Points you have, the more Entrance Fee you need to pay (maybe 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000 that limit the Highest Range of Score)

In PvE, which I’m strongest at. is positively good in Op7.

  • Promotional Buff are Good showing their Uniqueness especially Protector, Striker & Slugger (the Best) thanks to @TC_MichaelAOS. However, still the Two Melee Classes are significantly weak in Horde Master compared with Blademaster. They should have something replaceable things to Damage Resistance like Striker Passive, which is Cool.

  • New Map is well-designed that may become one of the Hardest Map in Horde.

  • Mechanic Ultimate is Fresh and useful finally showing the Uniqueness of Robotic Expert & Mechanic.

  • Extension of explaining Protector Change:The Legendary Card is very Weak compared to Blademaster’ Energy Surge (Purple Card). I mean this Gold Card shouldn’t have such limitation to use it, and the Regeneration Regen on Health is kind of Ridiculous, which I’m not suppose to take off my Stim after 1~2 hits. I’m Hoping that this Card can be Reworked again like Striker’ stim is a Significant Difference after reworked from it. If this Card is called “Regeneration”, I think new extra effect, all Regen increase by 100%, should be added in order to have 100% Max Health to get Stim more oftenly & quickly.


PvP. It doesn’t make any sense for the leaderboards to be solely based on how much you play the game. They should be negative consequences for performing bad instead of just continuing to go up because you play more than other people. We’ve got to have something to show based on skill instead of how much you play the game!!!


but play for fun, not for rewards



  • If OP 8 will be the last operation, then the current xp rates for classes need a boost. Horde and Escape matches should give you the same amount of xp as “The Clock” safe room runs. Players still need to get their cards, but at least leveling up wouldn’t be such a grind anymore.


  • Being at the top 100 is already incentive enough. The weapon skin sets shouldn’t be tied to top 1k on the leaderboards. Maybe 1,000,000 points for the weapon skins. The skins should also be a complete weapon set. That way it doesn’t matter which game mode you play, you’ll get the complete set.

  • The leaderboards are cool, but doesn’t really provide incentive for those who aren’t playing as much. It would be nice for ranks to be brought back. It was nice seeing the skill level of opponents/teammates, and it gives a goal to chase for people with less time to play gears.


Id even rather them just put another milestone…like 2 million or even 3 million points.

Top 1000 is as unfair as it can get.

Why isn’t there an option to look at your opponents stats? What’s the point of being able to see stats if you can’t look at your opponents stats?


I do. I was mostly in quick play playing guardian as opposed to ranked.

The rewards are lacklustre though, and could do with being better, a little grind never hurt anyone especially whilst having fun.


It might not be possible for this op, but I’d like to see the return of Escape rewards under the new time system implemented recently.

Keep the daily hive rewards the same with coins and cards and XP, but have the featured hive offer weapon skins depending on what medal you get versus the old way when you had to be in a certain top percentage to earn them.

Can u cancel the crossplay?


My only suggestion moving forward would be to bring outsider Kait back into the featured store.

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Bring back crossed-play option ,
The PC players have a huge advantage a lot of Xbox players don’t want to play against them !
All the big games they give the players the option to choose I don’t know why you guys forcing the player like that !
Otherwise the update is perfect for me
And mind my English please i know it’s bad .

Thank you …


Fix the omen, I can never tell how much health I have, because I get 30% red from 1 snub shot across the map


This should’ve been fixed 24 hrs ago or a lot sooner. It’s game breaking IMO.


Allow pc players to compete please, since console has 120 FPS and FoV options, and they must use a controller ,