Operation 7: Drop 2 Reveal

Mercy 5v5 for all modes? @TC_Sera or from now on in general?

Also KOTH 5v5 in Comp. would be cool, Control can be boring


As a fan of Gridiron, I’m super excited to try this new variant out.

I didn’t like how Gridiron was basically Execution, so taking that out is awesome.

So are touchdowns the only way to score? If there’s possessions, how long is each round?


And these escape rewards were removed because people complained they couldnt get them.

I will never get top 1000 in any pvp playlist, how do u think its fair to remove leaderboard rewards from pve to then add leaderboard rewards to pvp.

Escape is one of the best things in gears 5 and u guys have killed it.


Best friend we shall be playing Capture the Flag :wink:

If I wanted to play that I would just boot up COD

I do like the Pink Phantom though, I thought they were already in the store?

Wow… ok

No purple phantom is in the store, pink is new (sorta).


Starting to think ghost melee will never be fixed bc the majority of players don’t play melee so we will never get enough people to get their voices heard about this glitch that has been in the game since it came out.


stop using this picture, I would’ve RKO’d Raam if I was there

tbh I’d only play it just to have the Lancer and Gnasher lol

No its symbolism, I’m Valera in this situation and you’re RAAM. You hurt my feelings.

I think using a cold stone stunner would’ve stopped him :sunglasses:

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can proceed

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There goes Sluggers immunity to up close explosives :,)

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Looking forward to Horde Mania.


We have updated the matchmaking criteria to make latency searching in Co-Op vs AI more reliable.
We have swapped Brawl and Control in place of TDM and KoTH in our Co-Op vs AI playlists.

How about you get rid of the ■■■■■■■ Gridiron? It’s boring, it’s tedious, no one wants to play it. Add Guardian and make Dodgeball show up more often.


Have to say I’m really not impressed with these Commandos. The Onyx Guard was supposed to be the “best of the best”.


this would’ve gone perfect if they had given us Thrashball as the new map

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Can u at least add the rest of the TOXIC weapon set as a reward for the pve event???



Or are these considered future content😪

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I love Gridiron so having something similar to that back is nice best friend.
I just thought a couple games of CTF would’ve brought us closer together as friends :pleading_face:

Onyx are best of the best.

They are better then normal gears but not better then Onyx.

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fine, if you’re on when I’m on then I’ll play it

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I know, but it’s not what the description implies.