Operation 7: Drop 2 is Live!

How are the new voices and dialogue on these characters compared to the laughter lady and Vermelo? I don’t have iron so I can’t get them yet.

Why am I downloading a 60 gig update???

Oof. Must have started to reinstall the entire base game. It was just over 3 gigs for me (PC, WinStore), but it’s done that to me before.

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When Santa himself shows up at every Gears Gamers house to wish them Merry Christmas.

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I think they sound decent personally.

Ran into an interesting pair of boss spawns in Frenzy earlier.
Two sentinels for wave 8.
And two Snatchers and a Matriarch for 12.


ok found out how to swap between all characters now. no need to play and hope for a faction.


simultaneous? or killed one and another spawned? I usually get the little guys and then take care of the boss

No update on PC so far

check manually

Like this? i’ve been doing this since 4 hours ago when they said update would be deployed to go live 2 hours after it

So initial impressions of a Horde run on Mercy… the map is now even easier to beat than it was in Gears 4, especially if you got an engineer spreading barriers all over the place. Spawns are mostly contained to the Versus spawn areas, church and the surrounding area, even with the fabricator placed opposite to the church. Also a good reminder why I don’t bother playing 50 waves much anymore, the only really interesting thing that happened was getting 5-6 or more DR-1s to all suicide on my ult as Gunner.

This may change playing Frenzy or the Horde Mania, but I doubt it would make it that much harder to beat.

I only tried the female COG Commando so far but I can describe it as distinctly average at best. Nothing that particularly stands out or would be annoying about the character if you ask me.

Two at once and a Matriarch.
The Matriarch spawned next to one Snatcher and the other one appeared at another spawn.

Not Casan = win.

Oh the Commandos also say “Fabricator upgraded!” when they empty a tap…

I haven’t heard that.

But I don’t consider the Commando good enough to really use it much. Sofia with Op 8 please, thank you.

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that’s unfortunate

I wonder if it’s because of your region.

I’m in South America, a friend (streamer, Cherry Quench) lives in Pittsburgh plays on PC and is having the same issues.

Baffles me TC isn’t even acknowledging it

EDIT: Typo

Same here, 2 Sentinels & 1 Snatcher

can ask @HerrKatzchen @RelaxingKoty

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if it helps here’s my current version, updated today.


1.1.946.0 (10513101)

I’d like helmetless variations, I’d like to see them around, but using them personally is not likely to occur often.
Sofia and Bernie are still leaving a void. It must be filled.

During the daily or other?

Mercy Freezy only

Same version for my Xbox friends