Operation 7: Drop 2 is Live!

Hello everyone, Operation 7 Drop 2 is now live!

Operation 7 Drop 2

The newest Operation drop is now live in Gears 5! Featuring Mercy, three new characters, and much more!

You can also read the full details of the update in our Operation 7 Drop 2 Reveal as well as our special This Week in Gears posts!

Upcoming character skins!

And to get you excited that little bit more, here are the upcoming new character skins you can expect to see released during Operation 7 – Drop 2!

Get Going!

The update is ready to download, grab it, jump in and experience Operation 7 Drop 2!


Characters look good but when will we see an increase in movement speed and a reduction in shot delays as well as hopefully a gnasher tuning revert.


Someone recently joked that we would get more pride banners. And guess what…


First bug or?

I thought it’s supposed to be Versus only?


Try it and see if it works. Can’t hurt.

New pride banners are looking good.

Lancer is still missing from custom free for all

That Heavy Armor is pretty sick, I gotta be honest. Might actually use those.

Also, interesting that they’re only showing 3 weeks worth of skins, rather than all 6 or 7 like they did last time.

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Lookin tanky as heck

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When are these alternate skins for the Cog Commandos are gonna be available? They look even better than the default ones we just got :open_mouth:


So how do I change the character on the main menu?


I don’t know why it would be reported, other than probably because it’s leaked content.

I also am looking forward to the skin, and thought it might release this Op since nearly all that were shown, have been released so far.

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I had this happen to me when I was getting hype for Operation 2 soley because I wanted Jermad. It’s just a couple trolls flagging you. I wouldn’t take it seriously.

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@TC_Sera said during drop 2

Easy pinks atm.

If Pilot Tak doesn’t wear his signature sandals, I’m uninstalling
Genuinely surprised that sandals aren’t part of standard cog armor


Those eventually be available with coins right? I hope they don’t disappear like the UIR officer skins did since those were only available with iron.


they say the sandals are the only way to achieve increased movement speed from the previous tuning.


When I wanted to be with the new COG soldier guy in Horde, the game reinvented the hero system for me - I got Marcus when I was a Veteran and I got Lizzie when I was a Pilot.
In Versus A.I. I could be with this new guy… who sounds horrible. But at least somebody was with the new COG soldier gal who sounds… horrible…