Operation 7 Drop 1

What an update, so much to go over.

Lots of good stuff for everyone, exciting time.



KOTH is still around right? please don’t take my lovely KOTH away, that and FFA are the only modes I have played religiously through Gears history.

Of course will be playing Guardian and and Esc. :smile:

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I think KOTH will be in QuickMatch

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I forgot to ask above


Is TDM still going to be limited to 2 player squads, or will 4 player squads be allowed? How about with Guardian?

You could have 1 million coins before this update and you’ll be fine.

We run a check on your account when you play after OP7 launches and it’ll convert a load of your duplicates and give you Gear Coins up to 100,000.

Does that make sense?


4 players squads are allowed in TDM :slight_smile:


Yep. The maximum anybody will receive from this initial conversion will be 100,000 coins.

KOTH will be in Quickplay :slight_smile:


YESSSSS. Thank you!

ewww :face_vomiting:

So in effect he would then end up with 1100000 coins if he didn’t spend any now and he had lots and lots of dupes?

Hey @Slipping_Flames your current coin balance won’t affect how many coins you get. It just means that if you have over 100,000 coins worth of duplicates, the coins you get back will be capped. This does not apply for new duplicates you earn after the update.


You got it!

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Any good reason for that?


Oh and before I forget, not a pvp player but freaking awesome update.

Where’s my arcade mode :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Regarding the skill card conversion to coins… @TC_Shaunycan correct me here but I believe:

  • Your current Gears Coins amount is irrelevant.
  • Duplicates for cards current level 5 or below will not change.
  • Cards at level 6 with duplicates will be scrapped and turned into Gears Coins.
  • The amount of Gears Coins earned from converting level 6 cards into Gears Coins will be capped at a maximum of 100,000 Gears Coins, you will not gain more than 100,000 Gears Coins for your excess duplicate level 6 cards. So those will a lot of excess cards won’t gain as much as had hoped.
    *Cap of 100,000 doesn’t apply after the update and conversion
  • We don’t know conversion rates yet but they will be in next weeks notes

I do wish we knew them now/tomorrow/ASAP though.

Can you confirm if ANY achievements will be added as one last drop before the game is done?

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Mind you not everyone has an Xbox series x or good pc to play this on yet. I’m on a 2013 Xbox and I can’t keep up sometimes with pc players.
Kb and mouse players are really a bigger problem. This honestly never should have been a thing. Controller at least evens the field somewhat.

I’m always about more options as to how you play but this is beyond that.

But if this cross play block thing works maybe go back to 5v5?


They removed the daily, so I wouldn’t expect a return this OP or rather at all if you’re an optimist like myself.

Why? I am always pleased to know that I have owned pc stack :grinning:

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