Operation 7 Drop 1 is now live!

And apparently Blood Moon Imago is given to everyone? Too bad all other skins are gone.


And with it the bugs that came along.

A “Coming Soon” medal here?

Those are some pretty awesome skins that we’re going to see in this OP.

RIBBONS!!!?!?!? Finally.

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I would be satisfied with seeing my old skins in my inventory.

But hey, free NEW Pride omen banner. Glad to see TC has their priorities straight.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand all my cards are gone.


They should be back, at least they are for me. All my cards did get reset though, that’s a bit annoying.

Who else is getting 134 stars today?


They sneak-changed Though Skin to ballistic damage:

Oh, so Scorpio are getting Desert-themed skins now but some other characters still aren’t even getting a Winter Armor skin? Right… priorities.

Also, I spot a Heroic Baird skin in there, unless my eyes are playing me.

And those Swarm look… intriguing, not that I’ll ever use them.

Perhaps not today, but maybe in the next few days. I got Iron to waste anyway. That’s once my stuff is back.

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Same here, Lost everything. :sob:

Heroic Baird next 50k Coins available for people not to hoard tons of Coins :smirk:.

I wonder if he’s gonna be only available this Operation.

Yeah me too. Got nothing left

So we are getting the Wheelchair Hoffman in some form lol

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Most of my stuff is back, but now I have multiple cards at Lv1 and duplicates missing for multiple cards while there are still SOME duplicates left over.

I hate this so much. Just once I want to see a smooth launch.

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the conversion of duplicated cards to coins is working/worked well?

Yep, I’ll give it an hour and if I have nothing, support ticket time.


Bleeding Turret deals 30% bleeding AT LEVEL 6. AT LEVEL 6!!!

No chance. You should know this by now…

My stuff are slowly coming back

The new cards are listed as Horde Tile Maps. Shouldn’t it be ESCAPE tile maps? @TC_MichaelAOS