Operation 7 Drop 1 - Complaints

I think it’s playing pretty well, but my main gripes are the “classic” playlists and the bot filling. 5v5 is admirable, but I’d rather 3v3 humans.

They should fix the pairing it puts me with people who are just starting out and against teams that are PC, the pairing is in terrible condition

So this is awful. It has been 2 weeks. Why isn’t KOTH back and why is the weapon tuning absolutely terrible? Why is the new “rank” based solely on how much you play rather than skill? This is my favorite feanchise. Dedicated dam since gears 1 day 1. Even have an omen tattoo. I’m sure nobody cares about the fans in that studio because if they did, this operation would have been recalled by now.

:star2:Revert Back give players the option to CHOOSE GAME MODE (Guardian, TDN, Control, etc… seperately)
:star2:Please fix accuracy damage of Lancer ( it should at VERY LEAST have capability to kill a DBNO player- LoL)
:star2:OPTIONS to Turn ON/OFF CROSSPLAY, Loadup Logos, etc…

Thank you - to be continued

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■■■■ still looking for the 10 days of boost I lost last season

xbox one : I get an update every time I start the game
( every day and even if I start the game 2 times in a day )

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It happens a Long Time ago.

Just a Broken Game that cannot even do a Normal Entering Screen in Horde/Escape.

@HerrKatzchen Remember yesterday I enter the Horde screen in Checkout (Still in your Squad) and suddenly quit (Left your Squad) and Join (Automatically Join your Spuad and Enter the Horde Lobby Preparing Screen) after 1 second? It’s Kinda Weird as I haven’t Touch any Button on it.

Obviously, more Bugs appears after Op 5, so I often say Gears 5 is the Worse Technical Game by far :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a remapping settings glitch for the controller on W10 but no one seems to care… I sent a ticket, messages but no answer

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The scorcher is the most powerful weapon ever. Problem. The loud minority in the forums try to silence me when I’m spitting facts. It need a nerf and or respawn timer increase.

This really needs to get fixed as it is not just a visual bug and it also happens if they get disconnected and rejion the match.

am a lone player, I like to play alone most of the time because that is what I like, unfortunately most of the time I search for a match, 9/10 times I found a Full team playing in the other team… and all lone wolfs on my team… not even 2 players in the same team in mine.

Im okay with this usually, but lets face it, its almost imposible to beat a full team with communication.

my problem is: why the game is not even trying to put lone wofs vs lone wolfs and full teams vs full teams. Im okay if that happended 2-3 out of 10 matches but its happening almos everytime.

is this going to be fixed somehow? because at least for me… Free for all is the only playlist Im having fun…

Thanks 4 Reading!

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you have a seriously long list for a ‘recent update’!!! lmfao

yeah the issue you ignored is that this game is no longer possible to play; its only a game of BS now.

most of the vs games i am put into are either 2 v 5 or i have ping above 200ms. for horde, im lucky to get a lobby of more than 3 people. escape lags so badly i just cant play it, i mostly teleport, or watch the other players teleporting.

In vs as soon as 1 team starts loosing people quit. at the end of every map half the lobby leaves. searching for games now is painfully slow. like dude man i can take a dump and make a cup of tea and its only still searching. when it finnally finds a game its +200ms and i cannot shoot FA. i can lancer for a while, but people hate that ■■■■. like wtf, shotgun DOES NOT WORK +200ms unless you lucky. if i shoot, im only lucky to even see the bullets come out. it used to be that you could have a 10min shotgun battle, then they made it so you killed each other, now, whoever has the better ping gets the kill. its a simple as that and it sucks when the matchmaking puts your in games with +200ms ping against pro players. its just BS.

i spend 50% of my time in this game bouncing through lobbies or searching for matches. after how badly the game has gotten i wont even attempt to play ranked. its just stupid, why would i join a ranked game only to get idiots or quitters? so, these new weapon skins are out of the question for me purely because they went and f***ed the game.

i try to be as polite as i can but this game is just f-ing BS now. im very close to deleting it. i could say a lot more, but lots of other people already have and im not going to sit here and write anymore of an essay than what i already have. what i can say, i see far fewer people playing this game as a result of the constant changes in the game. i have friends who played all the gow’s but wont go near 5. it seems 5 is a game for kiddies and pro’s that never made it in fortnite (et al).


I guess so it follows the new 4v4 rule.

Thanks, very interesting.

Also frustrating, lol, but interesting to know.

Build Gears 6 from a PC base and have logo skip please, lol.

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Preach it man

What’s up with the audio? The audio has been a big problem since the early operations. The footstep audio randomly cuts out. I’ve had audio of ppl stomping across the map and then nothing for the guy approaching me from a couple feet behind.

Sometimes when I’m shooting the lancer the audio for footsteps is completely gone too. Dunno if this is causing it, or if this is intended? Kinda makes sense…but I don’t always have to be firing my lancer anyway.

I don’t know what is going on with the footstep audio but it’s a big problem. It cuts out a lot! And has been a problem for far too long.

It’s something I vehemently disagree with.

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