Operation 7 bad decisions

The Coalition, you had already achieved to deliver a “decent” game experience, i was never satisfied with 4v4 in ranked matches but everything else was working “ok”
You just had to fix the ranked system, add more maps and skins and that was all, but nooo… You have to take a big pile of crap all over the game (again). Removing what it was one of the most popular game mode in the series KOTH from competitive matches, control has not the same pace, it was already hard to find guys to play the objective, in control if they see that one guy try to stay in the ring, they totally forget about that and go hunting with no regards for the teammates in the ring.

Then you changed the behavior of the main weapons again… Why??? They were already fine.

Why does a downed enemy take so many shots to die, that has no sense at all!

I don’t give a damn about ranks i just wanted a balanced experience and i already have it, but some how you decide to change things up again for whatever stupid reason.

You really have ruined this game with this update. I hope you are happy, you made it even worst in a way o didn’t think it was possible.

I’m very disappointed with the new changes just as many other players are, i hope that for once you give the loyal fans of the series the game we deserve and stop trying to make a fornite out of it.

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Operation 7 bad decisions

Just link the patch notes in their entirety.


I agree this operation is by far the worse. The ranked crossplay removed which made the game balanced and fair game. Lancer damage increased dramatically so that’s all people do now. Health while down is tripled so you go down quicker but die slower makes no sense. I like the leaderboards touch that’s quite good but why remove KOTH and the ranked crossplay option it makes games so hard. Console are at a massive fps disadvantage to pc it makes playing ranked boring and unfair. I’ve played since op 1 and I have really enjoyed ranked throughout BECAUSE of CROSSPLAY Option but with it removed I don’t want to play gears 5 anymore

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Yes, what’s up with that?? You can load more than half clip of the lancer or take a good gnasher shot to a downed enemy and they don’t die, when players were already used to play on a different pace, for me that’s BS bro.


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“Decent” comparing it to previous operations, and i mean decent not good or great just “decent”

It takes long to kill downed enemies because of Control’s damage mitigation (that existed since Escalation back in Gears 4).

no wonder i die so quick, the damage is increase lol

I guess so, i was used to play KOTH, I’m not liking this control mode change of pace. But what are we gonna do? :man_shrugging:t2: