Operation 6: The Possibilities

There is a very low chance this happens, but I’m going to press on this until TC stops support for Gears 5, or implements the changes.

Please can we get some love for the Promotional classes. Give them some more cards, some additional playstyles and choice, maybe rework their passive. Everyone has the classes now, so you are not leaving anyone behind, everyone gets the benefits.

If we discount Architect, and both of the score boost cards, there are 6 cards that “help” a player in gameplay for the Striker, Slugger and Protector. That doesn’t make for many variations in gameplay in Horde and Escape. Once you get to level 16, the class is set. There isn’t any other styles of play for players to explore.

It would also bring more variety in gameplay for all players in both PvE modes, even if you don’t play the characters. More choice and hopefully more fun if done correctly. I could understand not doing it in October, but I can’t understand why you cannot do it now after the Op5 changes.

Yes they do. They are way too big for a woman. They need to make her more like Gears 4 character. I also notice the blue of her eyes are too light and you can barely see the different between the eye colour and the white behind it so she looks like her whole eye socket is just white.


They said in the Op5 streams they weren’t doing anything for Promo classes. They are okay but i would rather them put more time into the classes actually part of the Gears Franchise and not Halo or anything. Its a Gears game after all.

Tbf i think it would be good if we had proper classes based around the tactics characters something different would be cool. Could base it around their characters in tactics and the skills they can have on the ability tree possible skill cards.

But they did also say their will not be anymore classes.

What is annoying about that is we have had all played these all classes apart from Nomad, Brawler, Gunner for ages so we know all the classes very well. Yeah they add in new skill cards but we can only equip 5 :thinking:

In Op5 we didn’t get any new classes we just kept what we had before. They just separated everything. Its looks like we have lots of classes to choose from. But we always had them. Just looks like a lot when they are separated from the original chosen character.

Eventually people are going to get bored of the same old stuff.

Some people likely have maxed all classes all cards, hardcore gamers. And just play to play. But rewards are always nice when we play and that stops when you get to a point of everything being maxed out. Even if they are not i think people will get bored of the same classes all time.
I liked the Ops when they brought in Lizzie and Baird then Cole and Clayton and Paduk because it brought something new to the game, something new to test with other classes, see how it worked, try out skill cards etc.

Now from what they had said we are never going to get that again. I think i would prefer more class variants than more character skins as its the class that varies the gameplay not the skin.

I made a topic about changes that should be made to the game that are either fairly easy or supposedly have already had some work done on the back burner. It didn’t get any traction, so I’ll post them here.

Full action remapper for controller:

This was considered a low priority feature, but it has been brought up for the better part of a year now. Considering that keyboard/mouse practically has this already, I don’t see why this is so much work. But apparently it is; TC have stated on multiple occasions that it is no small task.

I’ve been wanting to have roadie run and cover slide on the same button while isolating rolling to its own button both to reduce misrolling, and to lower input lag when I do want to roll long before Gears 5, or even Gears 4 were released. It’s not possible with the button remapper.

Cover slide/Roadie Run priority toggle

We were promised this by Ryan before he left The Coalition. This already exists in the game via the ad hoc defaulternate control scheme. Depending on how you go about setting it, it breaks PVE/campaign functionality, and basically requires switching control schemes between different game modes. This is a huge quality of life feature that should be fairly easy to implement. It would also aid keyboard/mouse, as currently the only way to get an instant cover slide with this setup is to have cover slide on its own key.

War Journal

The stat menus in Gears 5 suck ■■■. They are a massive step back from the War Journals in previous entries. Not only do they lack a lot of information like total counts (ribbons, kills, reloads, etc), they also highlight easily manipulated stats by putting them into leaderboards for no reason. Gears 5 features leaderboards for ratios like K/D and points per minute which can be completely broken and trivialized with smurf accounts, and in reality, that’s exactly how they are.

Protip, TC. K/D and points per minute are fine to have in the game, but ratios should never, ever be leaderboards because they’re too easily manipulated on new accounts. Game design 101.

Versus aim assist game-wide:

The aim assist toggle as currently implemented is a joke. The player has to choose between playing consistently, but at a disadvantage (assist off), or having the aim assist change between versus, PVE, and PVE beginner with no other way to force consistency. Allow people to use versus aim assist game-wide, guys. This is the single easiest change on the list to implement. It should be no more than a couple lines of code.

Elite paddle action remapping

The paddles on the Elite controllers cannot currently be utilized to their maximum potential because they’re limited by Microsoft to be simple button remaps of existing Xbox face buttons. This issue is not directly in The Coalition’s control, but it would be nice if they could advocate for the paddles to be their own buttons (action remaps) instead of mere button remaps.

Option to disable splash screens

The startup splash screens in Gears 5 are incredibly long and load nothing in the background. It is already possible to disable them via simple modification in the Steam version of the game. TC should make it an in-game toggle on all platforms.

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To me it’s an utter shame they kicked the can with beta map builder. It was a perfect addition to prepare for endgame with something like “we won’t be making anymore versus or hives, but you can!” And then have a daily/weekly horde and escape with a daily versus quick play playlist that includes these community maps in the rotation with normal maps/hives.

This is what I personally want. Then there will still be pseudo new content even in 2022 while waiting for 6.

For operation 6 specifically?

New maps. Including another FFA map and maybe 2v2 map.

New hives. Change old hives to have some mutators randomly change so even previous hives will always have. Unique experience.

Some new cards or updates to older cards that aren’t performing well.

I know no one plays it but I wouldn’t mind seeing a re vamped arcade. Pick your character, pick your passive, pick your class, pick your load out. Let players control what they want. Add mutators to arcade to make it a super fun sweat free mode.

Add an mmr or points system to quick play for modes like guardian that likely won’t ever see ranked players in 5.

Move TDM to quick play only. Being back escalation and gridiron into ranked modes. Have specific season rewards for just those two modes for extra incentive to play.

Changes to operations is what Dana said. Make them shorter. 2-3 months max with each new one being smaller (only 1 new map for example)

More horde events and actually have escape events. After then events are over, put them into the daily/weekly pool.

There already around 3 months, it used to be about -12,13weeks but then they would always extend it. 15 weeks is basically them adding on extra time just in case like last time it was 18 i think.

Escape events would be interesting but like what?

They can’t be as diverse as Horde.

I suppose they could always do a Escape with all enemies having heart heads like they did last valentines they did it for a versus event i remember. But you have an ideas of an Escape event they could do?