Operation 6: The Possibilities

Operation 5 they based around; “Gears of War 2”

We had ”Hivebusters DLC” with more Achievements
Added New music to the main menu.
Added the Scorcher Weapon
With Op5 they separated all the Characters from their Original Classes.
Allowed all Classes to be Levelled up to “19 and 20”
Gave each Class their very own “Heroic Venom Weapon Skin”
Added “Daily Hive” and “Featured Hive” to Escape to earn Bonus skill cards, :expressionless: Class XP, Gears Coins etc
Added “Daily Challenge” to Horde with Unique Positive and Negative Modifiers.
Started to add in more Events for PvE such as Classic Horde, Predator Hunt and the current one Boss Rush.
Added Sam, Minh, Dom, UIR, Deebee, Jinn-Bot, Ben,Ant and Gary Carmine to be playable in PvE
With Op5 we got Anya, Dizzy, Tai and Skorge
We got 5 Maps added Clocktower , Gridlock , Nexus , Regency and River which include; 3 Old maps from Previous GOW Games and 2 New maps.
Added an Energy Tap to the beginning of a Horde Match and enabled the Fabricator to be destroyed.

(see patch notes for everything else)

For me these are the main things that were added or changed.

What can we expect in Operation 6 ?

All we really know so far from what has been said is that they are “Making changes to how Operations work”

Also they said they were aware the Cog Gear did not get changes or new skills cards etc and that something is coming for him.

But what do the fans / player base want from Operation 6 ?

I don’t think what they have planned could be as big as what they done for Operation 5. If they have, they’ve kept it pretty tight lipped with not one leak about Op6 (except for character skins leak which will likely roll into Op6)

For them to make it even better than the last Operation they would need to pull a lot out the bag.

5 maps is all well and good but not if your a Veteran player and have already played those maps like a thousand times on the old GOW games.

We need more new maps than old ones.
As for new character options ? :thinking::thinking::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:

Are there a great deal really left ? :joy:
That won’t make people see the trailer and be like “Who’s that?”

  • Hoffman
  • Prescott
  • Reyna
  • Hana Cole
  • Bernie
  • Oscar
  • Sofia Hendrick

If they carry on with what they have always done.
(Taking skins and characters from Gears 4 Multiplayer)

The above are all that is really left for them to give us in terms of new characters that people know the best.

There many options of old maps they could add but we would prefer new ones. We know they take time. But would the community prefer more content less ops or less content more ops. ??

The main things they need to put in place;

1. Allow us to change our character skin without having to be in a Lobby.
Literally no way in changing character skin unless your about to start a match

2. A way to be rid of duplicate cards.
Is there a Max amount of duplicates? Once its reached people will no longer be playing for skills cards or rarities because it won’t matter as you can’t upgrade them anyways. All a waste. They have been on about doing this for like 2 ops now? and we still don’t have it.

3. New enemy variants / Lambants and Locusts.
In Horde we all know the types you can get from wave 1 either Drones and leeches, Deebees or Imagos and Juvies.

They can have more variants like the Lambant wreches and lambants drones and then 10 waves or 4 of just Lambant enemies with occasional Swarm or Locust like it used to be in Gears 3

They could even fight each other like they used to do in that game too in Horde no different from them shooting the energy tap instead of us {which they always do} but they would be shooting lambants instead ? or Tickers and locust drones same concept then they would be able to give us new boss enemies.

Such as the corsper with the locust or the lambant beserker which led a trail of imulsion when it ran with lambants.

Best weapon for killing a berserker was ?? The Scorcher … and they gave us that last Op ?

There is a reason to use a Ice canyon for the matriarch but not so much a reason to get the Scorcher

Lastly, get rid of Brawlers Gnasher and give them the Scorcher, whats the point of them having the heroic venom skin on it if it isn’t even in his weapon load out and can’t swap weapons with anyone only option is to buy it.
Infiltrator - Should have the Overkill skin not the Gnasher, has skills cards based around the Overkill and one of the weapons used most by that class.
Just like the Veteran got the Retro skin as it too is the most used weapon by that class.
Why give the PROMOTIONAL class Slugger/ Old Sarah Conner the Overkill skin she actually carries the Gnasher and doesn’t have any cards based around or specific to the Overkill give it to the class that does.

@TC_MichaelAOS @TC_Kilo1062

So what do you guys think about my thoughts and ideas on Op6 ?

What changes would you like to see in the game?

What ideas do you have that could help TC give us a great game?


the way how they changed the whole music in menus to Gears 2 music doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, if they are doing that, what should happen is in the Options,Audio they should add game menu soundtrack and have user select which Gears music they’d like. This is Gears 5, not Gears 2 or any other Gears. Gears 5 doesn’t have an identity based on how things are always constantly changing.

It’s crazy to have each Gears Operation with different music, terrible idea, while it’s nostalgia, this is Gears 5 first more than anything.

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You know i noticed the music at the beginning of the Op but i do not really hear it anymore.

Same with the Horde Boss music i don’t really hear it. I think it would increase intensity if they made it a big louder so it can be heard without having to really try to listen

I think some music was in general new but other like you say was Gears 2.

We will probably get Gears 3 next, not all bad got some good maps. But it is Gears 5 not a previous game.

I wonder if this will all repeat for Gears 6?

We will get all the new maps, characters and skins from this Gears 5 game brought in over the space of a year into the new Gears 6 game. If this is a common theme across the games bringing in old content that is.

  • New Hives, even if it’s only 1 and I have to throw more money at TC
  • Scrapping, although it’s almost too late for that
    -A fix for all the Skill-cards/abilites that aren’t working properly
  • Some sort of Escape event (turning off the lights for the daily Hives to make them a little more different than usual while also rewarding players who know Hives inside out or anything really)

I don’t need more characters, I would prefer if TC would a) focus on finishing the Chrome Steel line and b) more importantly release them more frequently. At this point we’re still missing 5 of the leaked CS that happened almost 5-6 weeks ago and only TC knows how long they were finished already.

Non-issue. change your skin and then stick with it for more than 5 minutes.

I know I’m in the minority, but all my classes except Baird and Jack are maxed out. Excluding promos since half of the cards don’t work or have wrong values. And what am I gonna do with coins?

More harm than good, with the current pool you can immediately tell which enemy you’re facing even if you could only see the outline. And people still struggle to deal with Elite Drones sooo

In older Gears, sure. In the current state the Scorcher is nothing more than a meme-weapon.

and also a Gnasher-card which used to be the go to card with the old meta.

Stopping-power for Shotguns and whatever her golden card is called

A fix for the Decon-rooms and PvE-issues + the permanent addition of all Chrome Steel Skins to the store. That’s all I really want at this point. Everything else would be a bonus.

You’re not missing much. It’s one Gears 5 soundtrack and two from Tactics.

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I like that, that sounds like it would be fun. Hive in the dark with only torches lol

Tbf i think we have enough as well. I like the chrome steel skins but they aren’t chrome and it annoys me. chrome is not white like it is on the skins its shiny its basically a mirror. They would look better with proper chrome on them. Plus hard earned actual money has to be spent on those, sometimes i don’t think its worth it for a skin on a character.

I do normally stay with a skin for a while but when i do want to change i have to go into a lobby :expressionless:. We should be able to choose just like we can choose classes beforehand aswell

I guess they could carry on giving us more skill cards levels but they will prob make nerfs as eventually classes would get real powerful.

Something new wouldn’t be so bad. A change from
The usual might even bring so old player base back to the game.

I don’t know what its like with the brawler maxed but without it just doesn’t do enough damage i find.

I think it makes more sense for Slugger to have the Gnasher and Infiltrator to have Overkill like i said theres cards specific to the overkill, to Slugger its a just shotgun nothing specific.

Actually i don’t know why they wouldn’t put the Chrome Steel skins in the store to stay like all the other esports stuff. Its only going to benefit them as more purchases can be made. They obvs are not exclusive / buy it now its your only chance. As they are all coming back. Strange that.

Decon rooms?? If thats the room
/ checkpoint in Escape i think they already did in that update. There always things they do but don’t go over everything. But i was in escape earlier and door were opening a lot sooner normally its agess.

Not necessarily like that. More similiar to the Decon-room when you leave the shower and there’s only a few sources of light. You should still be able to make out schemes.

So basically what happened with LV6 cards where everything was nerfed and only a few cards got an actual upgrade. IDK, I would rather they focus on fixing/buffing cards and be done with it.

May I remind you of the issues with the Wakaatu?

No idea, haven’t bothered trying them yet. But considering how well Lizzies Scorcher perfoms I’m also not very eager to give them a try.

Wouldn’t matter to me. I got both and never use them. The only effect I could see coming from this is even more Leeches in pubs trying to get their Slugger to Lv20 for their sIcK lOaDoUt weapons in PvP.

They’re probably going for the FOMO-effect. A G A I N. It’s just stupid, but if they don’t want/need money; good for TC I guess.

They certainly didn’t. The Choke still took ages yesterday.

Last Stand by chance? That’s the only Hive where the doors don’t take ages. The Barracks in contrast almost takes 2 minutes to open up.

I don’t think they’d even do that. For some reason TC decided we needed to have a light attached only to Jack instead of a flashlight on our Lancer or even on a helmet(not that we’ve had a character with a helmet end up playable in any section where that would have mattered). Definitely would rather have a helmet light or Lancer flashlight. One of the things that made the Custom Lancer in Gears 4 stand out was its light, albeit it was a Campaign only functionality in darker areas.

Haha point made :joy::joy:

If they were going to add in what i said they need to apporach it better not just throw in the enemies and wait for issues do it all fix it test it etc properly before it goes in the game.

Was the surge

I’d like to see the dev team quit.

Walk of shame for eternity.

I thought thats what @HerrKatzchen meant darkness but he meant like only light in specific areas which is cool tbf i would like to see that. Defiantly would make things more interesting also in a way help people learn the maps better what better way to know your way round if you could do it with your eyes closed lol if you get me.

New enemies would change things put a bit in pve just needs better planning and execution.

I like to watch the streams for anything interesting like the ops or when they have shown about making maps etc but the ones just watching them play🤔 not really worth it.

Better leveling system.

That’s all I want.

Any ideas of how you would improve it?

More desert camo skins :two_hearts:

Jk. At this point, coins? Iron? The tour of duty really changes the unlock system for the better drops (thnx fortnite)

They could bring back drops for cards, weapon skins, etc. but at this point wouldn’t be worth the time.

I would just be happy with XP boost for every 25 or 50 levels, or hitting a certain level gives you X boost for X amount of time.


That sounds alright, they say well they have been saying i think since the op started if not only not long after that they are doing something for reups.

Prob get pushed back and they will announce it with the Op 6 trailer

There will be details regarding the re-up-changes tomorrow…

We will see…:wink:
But when will they be implemented ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ay?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I would assume in 2-3 weeks when OP6 starts. Unless TC pushes another TU, which is highly unlikely.

Alicia Valera and Aaron Griffin added \m/


They need to fix Anya’s man hands!