Operation 6 teaser tonight?

Along with the post on TWIG, will something from Op6 be teased or revealed tonight? Hate the suspense :confused:


Wouldn’t count on anything significant. Maybe next week.

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Unless delayed(…*) Op 6 is next week.

*The fact that I’m even considering this speaks to my confidence levels. And that if we get a delay I would rather know such more than one week before the next Operation is supposed to come.

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Well I wouldn’t bet on it. You know TC, they despise hype.


Wish they would despise Queen Myrrah.


You wash your dirty W**** mouth out :wink:

@GB6_Kazuya, can you believe this guy :wink: :hushed:


Hope they give us some teasers and at least a definite release date

I can book the following day off work to be a complete nerd for hours then.


Not a nerd mate. I have taken a week off work when Gears 3,J,UE,4 and 5! and played the campaigns in all of them in one sitting on day of release :grin::wink::+1::hushed::trophy:…and there is no way I’m a nerd…I don’t collect Gears and Simpson’s memorabilia or anything…


Well here’s hoping it’s worth booking a day off :rofl::rofl:

How much y’all wanna bet that it’s either going to be extremely underwhelming or delayed?


If it doesn’t get delayed it should be next Tuesday, which would be nice cause I have 3 days off that week (which is not normal lol but I’ll take it) which is Thur-Sat… so I’ll have to work the 1st 2 days of it, but then I can really go off :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yea I’m not expecting anything grand, just gonna be new characters, more maps and a TOD.

I’d be happy if they moved Guardian to Ranked(no more handicaps AND incentive for me to be a Ranked player again instead of my rare Ranked appearances Ops 3-5 lol granted I did reach Onyx for the 1st time in 2v2), but not holding my breathe for that, it’s likely just that above and that’s it lol.


Pure magic mate


You’d have to wait until pigs fly for that, friend.

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Yep like I said not holding my breathe on it lol

It’s the only mode that I even care about grinding for tho… like I said I did get 2v2 to Onyx this Op which is highest I’ve been on 5 barring the Gridiron glitch… but I’ve still barely played Ranked much at all Ops 3-5 because of the lack of Guardian. I was Onyx 2 in it on 4.

I had set a goal pre-Gears 5 to hit my 1st Diamond on Gears 5… (technically I did with Gridiron, but ignoring that lmao) this was before I knew they was adding Masters… but still kept my goal for Diamond which was more than a fair goal. Went from literal noob bronze trash on 4, 0 online multiplayer experience before it, except Madden which is far different concept lol, not a fan of 1st person(not sure why not, just never have been) thus little COD experience too, but definitely not online (though I’ve played Warzone now) so that’s how my buddy got me hooked on 4, went from literal noob to average Onyx player in Gears 4 lifespan (top 3 modes I played, Onyx 2 in Guardian, Gold 3 in Dodgeball, Onyx 1 kn TDM, in that order, but thus Onyx Average) Guardian was bulk of that. Long tangent sorry, but just saying it was a fair goal…

but then 5 came… Ranking system was completely broken. New system comes that works… people can argue about it, and I agree points themselves need altered, but the system itself works consistently unlike the previous. That said get a working system, but Guardian was also removed at the same time… FML


Has there been any news at all on OP 6 other than the format going forward may change?

I haven’t seen any.

Leads me to believe this is be pushed back considerably.

They’ll probably drop info in today’s TWIG

We didn’t get anything for Op 5 til the last week too, other than that small teaser, but if they aren’t doing anything major like none of us expect, they don’t have a reason for the teaser and will just have the normal trailer.

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Did they drop a teaser and push OP 5 back? I can’t remember now.

Would be nice to have some hype.

It actually wasn’t delayed for once, but the teaser was dropped a few days before the full trailer, which came at the start of the final week of Op 4

Or perhaps the teaser started the week and full was a few days before it launched lol I’m not sure now, just remember they was a few days apart… I wanna say my initial thing though, cause I thought the final TWIG gave us all the info that we done seen in full trailer.

Edit side note: I just remember being sad that I was right in a thread that the other 2 maps were gonna be Gears 4 ports which is why they left them out of the teaser lol which goes further that I called one of them being Gridlock in pretty much the same grain I replied to “just be glad they haven’t brought Gridlock back AGAIN” and me simply saying "it’s not safe to say that yet since there’s 2 maps we don’t know yet… which ties into me later theorizing that the other 2 were going to be Gears 4 ports, and they ended up being exactly that with Gridlock and Clocktower

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That would mean talking about future content, which much like fight club just isn’t done. We will most likely just wake up one day to having op 6 on when we start the game.