Operation 6 Servers

Who else has had a bad experience with multiplayer throughout this operation so far. It takes forever to find a match now. The loading screen seems to take longer. I constantly get lag spikes. I ROLL INTO WALLS all the time now. I’m done with rank because I always lag out of it. I’ve even tried horde again and I’ve lagged out more than 3x already .


Yeah definitely feels slow

The main menu is a mess really. Slow to load literally everything, ranks aren’t always showing in the social tab & most gamer tag icons aren’t showing in that tab either just a default icon.

I feel they’re trying to do to much regarding the main menu. TC wise I loved the Gears UE menu the most. Simple and eerie. Felt gears.


Yeah pvp doesn’t feel good at all at the moment. Huge amounts of sponging going on.

Just tried 3 ranked games and 2 of them were dreadful, would of done more damage if I had thrown my gun at them. Last game however I was unstoppable…the connection was on my side and my shotgun was blasting the hell out of people. Shots that I had made in the previous 2 games that were doing nothing were chewing through people like no tomorrow.

That’s me done for Gears for the evening, end it on a high even it was only 1 good game.


Last night it was really bad. Lagging like a MF. Finally I gave up in frustration.

The rolling thing happens quite a bit. I’m facing a wall, 2 feet away and I go to bounce and I mis-roll. When my connection is good and things feel smooth it doesn’t happen as much. I can usually tell when there is some sort of connection issue. Aside from the lag (which is obvious) my character seems to move a tad slower and I roll into walls way more than usual. My Gnasher doesn’t do squat.

Last night I was getting constant lag and packet loss indicators. It was a shitshow.


I get removed from horde matches with an error stating that I have been disconnected from the server
It’s frustrating and my team probably thinks I was just abandoning them.
I hope operation 7 adds reliable servers

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The lag has gotten much worse for me but the most annoying thing is losing connection after being kicked from Horde by the host. Everytime it happens I get disconnected from Gears services and have to wait a few minutes for it reconnect lol.


I’ve been getting these weird audio spikes(sounds really slow and grindy) along with lag at the same time then the game just shoots back to it’s usual framerate, happens frequently during horde. This never happened in OP5

Yeah it is odd. There is a lot more lag this op. Not sure why. I am wired directly to my router and I lagged out of a game multiple times. This has never happened to me since I stopped playing on wifi.

Yeah I know right. Got rid of my dial up hamster wheel for a wired connection and still there is lag.

Yea. And if you complain about it in the forums the moderators will block you.

The game has felt very slow for me in all aspects, even the loading of the logos at the very beginning. Operation 5 was much smoother. At least they’ve kept it consistently within this whole “slow and clinically depressing” theme they’re aiming for by having everything as slow as the awful Versus tuning.

This 100%. It was perfect.

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Just a shame I can never find a game on it!

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Not surprising.

I used to be able to find a seriously laggy TDM with Americans but that was around 5 months ago so I don’t expect much now.

It’s annoying as I’d happily play that any day over Gears 5.

In addition to that, I’m having inputs not being registered. Theres been plenty of times I’ll pull the trigger and my gnasher wont fire outside of gib range.

Bro this happens a lot to me now I pull the trigger and nothing happens… I also hate that the loss packets logo comes up more often when I’m engaged into battle … it’s like I lose hope as soon as I see it pop up

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I think the worst has to be when you actually hear your gnasher fire and see the bullets leave the gun but the game just decides the opponent shot first lol. Im ok with the both fired at the same time so we both took each other out but the flipping a coin and deciding is total BS.

Further to the OP. Sweet fracking baby jesus what the frack is going on in Ranked? Pinging at 30 and the lag is just horrendous. Im dead before I move, the game is constantly stop, go and dead lol. No audio ques for enemy movement at certain points. Went back in to try get a handle on this tuning but its not going well especially with the lag.

I think we should get a substitue system for when this happens because my team might as well be playing a man down when this happens.


Yeah, I’d rather trade then just completely lose the gun fight.

It’s not Op6 servers, it’s just Gears servers in general. They were beyond horrid since launch and have gotten progressively worse. I didn’t think I’d ever seriously stop playing the Gears franchise but this game pushed me over that line.

Has anyone had problems with not being able to shoot or change weapons after dying? This has happened to me multiple times recently. I’ve had all the same issues you are all talking about on top of that but not being able to shoot or change weapons at all is insane

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