Operation 6 - Ranked Rewards

I doubt players are going to flock back just so they can attain master skins for guns they don use in a game they dont play. I see this as “hey our rewards have been a mess, we’ve given out the same ones multiple times and now we’re falling stupidly behind.”

My point was, people who decide which guns get master skins =/= the teams behind weapon balance, tunings, MM, etc. Its possible to be working on multiple things at once. This isnt me being a TC loyalist as I’ve been very criticial of almost everything TC has done since the tech test. Surprised I havent been banned for some of the sh*t I’ve said, honestly.

And no, I dont know who Ace is.

Gave up on masters being a solo verses player, game wont let me be good enough to get there, that and still getting banned every other game for lag out issues, in other words

This is a nice April fool’s joke

Tbh I get why people are crapping on TC for this, but I actually like the announcement.

In a very rare moment for me, I find myself congratulating TC. Well done.

Cool, I got master in Koth even though I’m pretty bad. Would be nice to obtain previous master skins, I remember it being near impossible for me to get out of gold 3 in op 1 yet I got to onyx and it was the same dumb grind.

Play FFA. :wink:

2v2s is pretty easy, honestly. The matches aren’t very competitive until you actually reach Masters… provided you dont lag out of course!

Ita the lag outs that’s the real issue for me, doesnt happen as often in 2v2, but as madmike suggested ffa still lags me out as much as KOTH and tdm. Then I end up getting banned and not playing verses at all the rest of the week, why should I? They wanna boot me from their games and ban me and still have yet to fix this massive issue Imma just stay banned, at this point this game isnt enough to make me care anymore. And escape is dead now to… at least I still have horde…

But yeah since i missed my master loadout set last season for the second time due to being banned more of the op than wasnt I’ve given up on all masters stuff. Just no point when it means nothing as the games still fundamentally broken in my opinion.

How come no one noticed this?

The reason they increased the rewards from 3 -> 8 is because they want to cramp up all the rewards in a given operation.
So they are going to increase and complete giving out the weapon skin sets soon in the coming operations.
This means the next operation or the operation after that may very well be the last.

“Future content” is a taboo word here. I think this is a reasonable assumption.

I do

Tbh good point

Nice news.

my dream of a full flaming weapon skin set is slowly coming to fruition :sunglasses:


They still haven’t addressed the issue of ranked rewards earned last operation. I myself earned masters in TDM and have made multiple post trying to receive what I earned and so far not a word. Pathetic how they come to treat the player base, they can easily look at the stats to separate fact from fiction. Maybe they’re understaffed who knows.

maybe, if the issue is widespread you could have 1000 people missing skins and the only way to fix it is to ad them manually. you might be waiting a while


TDM : ■■■■ camp mode ever

I’ve reached Master in KOTH for the first time ever this OP and I’ll be missing the loadout set from OP 5.

:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: