Operation 6 - Ranked Rewards

(Just to clarify, this isn’t an April Fools joke)!

In Tuesday’s store update, we updated our ranked rewards list for Operation 6, increasing the weapon skins given this operation from 3 to 8, you can see the full list below.

• Hammerburst
• Retro Lancer
• Boomshot
• Dropshot
• Markza
• Claw
• Talon

These skins will be given at the end of Operation 6!




I can get behind this


Now I HAVE to grind FFA in hopes I go against people worse than me.


TC focusing on the important stuff, as always.


That’s cool

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How about you guys get on fixing the loss of chrome steel weapon skin sets and characters that myself and a growing number of other people have been hit with? PLEASE do something.

Thank you.

Can we get a way to attain past Ranked skins?

for example; if a Player attains Masters at any point in the Gears 5 lifecycle we can go and purchase individual skins in the store for 10,000 Coin each.

past seasons were riddled with issues and it was not fun trying to attain Ranks back then.


This is proof the game’s done right? Skins for the remaining weapons and it’s on to G6. Good thing this game is such a masterpiece.


Great. Now if I could just get into a game without being stuck on the score screen.

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Imho, there’s no real incentive to reach masters. What you get just isn’t worth it


Fixed it for you.


Loving your work here ever since you left RuneScape, Mod Shawny. The place is falling apart without you. Keep up the good work <3

Cool, but are we going to get the next operation content drop anytime soon?

What about our missing toxic skins ??

Nice! :fire:

Cool :sunglasses:

Yes. The entire studio came to a complete halt to come up with this decision, aswell as the post. Hundreds of people working together on this one matter!!!

Where did I say that, you passive-aggressive … Anyways, this is clearly just another attempt of reeling players back in and keeping them grinding instead of fixing the fundamental issues with Ranked. But you do you, keep defending TC.

Are you friends with Ace by any chance?