Operation 6 is now live!

Hello everyone, Operation 6 is now live!


Jump into Gears 5 now and honor the heroes of Gears in the new update. In case you missed last week’s posts, we outlined the main changes and updates coming to Operation 6. Check them out below:

Operation 6: Reveal & Timing changes
Operation 6: PvE & PvP
Operation 6: TWIG


With the store updating each week through Operation 6 we thought we’d give you a preview of the new character skins you can expect to release during the start of operation 6, let us know who your favorite is from this list!


There is still more content to release Operation 6. We’ll be releasing a second drop in mid-April which will include new characters, a new map and more! Keep an eye out for our news posts on this closer to that time.


The update is ready to download, grab it, jump in and experience Operation 6!


So two maps all operation? Or I’m guessing another port for gears of war 4.5 to bulk it up somewhat. At least bring something like diner or fuel depot back

Looking forward to trying out control and the horde event anyways. Plans to make control perm if it gets a good reception?

Also, a bit more refreshing to see someone talking about future content.

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It’s like Christmas all over again :raised_hands:

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What’s this? Talking about future content? :thinking:


It’ll be a totally new map, no port :slight_smile:


That’s good at least. Is it the only map joining operation 6 or are we to expect another port?

To me that map should’ve started the operation from a hype point of view. Two ports mid op and people probs wouldn’t mind so much

We should just be grateful we’ve got a much loved map returning today & then a brand new map for mid-April.

TC promised up more maps,

And that’s exactly what they’re doing,

We’ve got so many now.

Yeah, the new map should have been at launch. It must be ready, so why didn’t they launch op 6 with it?

Makes total sense from a hype POV doesn’t it.

We don’t want to get overloaded with content at once so best if it’s paced like this so we can keep up and enjoy it slowly.

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Are there gonna be new achievements this OP?

Oh man, you are so right. I can’t wait to keep waiting for ready to be launched content!


I rather have the Winter Swarm Srone :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

How did I even do that… wow


They said that made internal adjustments to provide more versus maps and now a full operation will have just two.

That’s a joke. OP 5 was the only good one in this game.


Gimme that Benjamin! NOW!

Never thought I’d live to see the day TC talks about future content. Beautiful stuff

Also, thanks for making more Scion skins! >:)


Only Collector’s Ben and Paduk interest me. UIR Officer was better and of course Swarm skins are a instant never ever buy for me unless you make them playable in PvE 1610352663579

Vegil ain’t looking too motivated here

Sums up OP6 in a nutshell