Operation 6 feels slow at times during vs match

This new update has new bugs, at times while running the player seems to run very slow, and when you try to shoot someone, sometimes the shot is slow too, like if the game was holding you back on purpose so the opposite team can win. This has happened to me a couple of times since the new update in versus KOH . Is this some sort of new handicap feature to help the opposite team win too??? Note: this has never happened to me before the update.

This has been the terrible tuning for a while now

I feel people are nitpicking as it’s not changed, it’s still crap and full of delays like it was in operation 5.

I’ve noticed this type of thing before the new op in VS, first round i can’t buy a kill shots doing no damage second round i’m paining the ground red, games a joke

I’ve notice it’s not registering the a button , and when you slide into cover but move your right stick on the opposite direction to see across the map it acts real weird sort of delayed or slowed down .
I’ve rolled constantly too
Shots seem delayed abit more than usual when hip firing .
But that’s only playing on the control playlist