Operation 6 Characters

Courage, sacrifice and loyalty…honoring the heroes of Gears.

Since it seems the tag line for Operation 6 is honoring the heroes of Gears why are there so little characters? Hoffman is great but there are many more heroes that can be included such as

  • Alicia Valera.
  • Michael Barrick.
  • Presscott
  • Adam Fenix
  • Bernie
    (I’m sure there’s many others to suggest, but i’m not very familiar with the novels)

I know that more “content” is supposed to drop mid way through the Operation so maybe some of those characters might make it in hopefully with the Jacinto and Azura maps.

Just to add more to this i remembered that there’s an Easter egg in the campaign where if you collect all of the character specific collectables and bring them to the cemetery on Act 4 you’ll see all the characters that have fallen in the previous games.

Because we’re all about that drip!
And PvP lives matter, can’t have them raising a ruckus over no monsters for them to use.

I’m pretty sure Bernie will be in the second half of the operation along with Disciple from Tactics, probably. That’d be all 5 characters that we’ve been ‘promised’.

These operation themes make no sense…


Yeah in his case he’s an Antihero

We need to have Adam Fenix and Bernie back,

Prescott was still better then Jinn, atleast you knew he was a career politician but also that he was willing to take the fight to the enemy. Jinn is content with just sitting in her office and trying to pretend the swarm is not a big threat.

I’d rather have a guy like Prescott in power over Jinn, even Prescott served as a gear showing he was willing to get dirty and serve as a gear.

tbh prescott wasnt present in the gow 1 campaign and was only present in a few parts in gow 2. gow 3 is when we actually saw him more and played a bigger part. I prefer Prescott over Jinn ofc but Jinn is still ¨new¨ and hopefully we can see her actually be more of a leader.

Prescott didnt serve on account of patriotism lol he served to further his career, he didnt even see any action lol

Jinn has been in charge of the cog since Anya died, it’s that she is a weak leader when it is not “peace time”, hell she forced Hoffman to do a rogue operation just to get real results, Jinn should be having him lead the military again, the man fought in 2 major wars, survived, and healped win a lot of major victories.

Even in the books Prescott recognizes that Hoffman is vital to the COG, it’s just he does not keep secrets, Jinn not only side lines Hoffman but retired him even after knowing the swarm is a threat.

I agree, hes a great leader and more than capable of leading from the back then his typical ¨bleeding in the trenches¨ attitude that he has. (thats a Minh description I know but it suits Hoffman too) and she made a big mistake doing that to Hoffman, she shows that classic ¨Im the leader, I know whats best attitude¨ Loomis did this too so this isnt a new idelogy. Its COG negligence and its what is gonna lead the COG into another Locust war.
As I said I dont like Jinn compared to Prescott but heres to hoping she can learn from her mistakes.

Oh I hated Loomis so much, he was one of the most arrogant idiots that was given leadership he got good people killed to preform a trial in a danger zone and flat out ignored intel that turns out to not only be true but he gets to see it up close and personal.

I see Loomis as the kind of leader who belongs behind a desk so that real field commanders can get the job done with minimum losses without wasting lives on stupid garbage.

With all the time spent on the trial could have been time taking out locust instead of having valuable soldiers die to protect the area of a trial that should be preformed in a safe zone. All the people who died were huge losses since the locust had way more numbers then the COG.

thats the point, we get introduced to gears 1, 14 years after E-Day and we didnt have a clue as to why it got so bad. so Judgement helps shine a bit of light on why, (not the sole reason why) but people like Loomis existed and continued to not consider the Locust a threat.

True and it is very soon after E Day that Judgement takes place, it’s just crazy how a vet would think not not give a person on the ground seeing it with his own eyes the benefit of the doubt especially when it’s clear the locust are different then the UIR.

Loomis seemed to be a guy who just did not believe people until he experienced it himself which is really bad leadership, and knowing the HOD had to be used again so early on.

thats just the government that the COG has, but we still like them lol

It also shows that Hoffman stands out as a “overly promoted grunt”(his own words) who knows how to actually lead, him insulting that jack ■■■ for not awarding the Psang troops medals because they were not technically a part of the cog only allies is why he is the kind of leader you go into hell with. He will never put you in a situation he himself will not be part of and he leads from the front with people keep having to “pull him back”.

Hoffman’s only flaw is he doesn’t train a successor as he is not a young guy even in GOW trilogy, he should have taken someone like Anya to teach in the field not only as control. Dom and Marcus seemed to be heading in that path before Marcus was thrown in jail, but after that the relationship was never the same with the 3.

I prefer Anya as first minister tbh, as much as Id like her as a ¨Hoffman¨ she will always be ¨control¨ to me. I wouldve thought Marcus wouldve became the new Hoffman as he has plenty of experience as a leader and hes highly respected, i mean they changed the COG logo to include the Phoenix as he is their savior and the COG literally and figuratively rising from the ashes like a Phoenix/Fenix lol . But I guess Marcus is too stubborn to not fight in the front lines.

Anya was a great person to lead the COG and she had real combat experience too but sadly she died, I think that is part of why Marcus became a recluse and wanted nothing more to do with the cog.

its obviously why he became a hermit, he had hope for the COG since his wife was the actual leader and he knew that Anya knows whats best for the COG. most of the new story makes sense but thats a different topic.

I think Anya could have convinced Marcus to take a leadership role if she had survived, she knew he was a symbol of hope and people trusted him big time.

If nothing else she could pull the whole “do it for our son, show him his daddy is leading us into a bright future like mommy”. Manipulative sort of but it would have really helped the COG be much better.

I could possibly see that but I just cant see Marcus in a nice outfit lol its like seeing Dizzy without his beard and no cowboy hat.