Operation 6 after next week?

Operation 6 is suppose to be march 2nd right?


Yes, currently. TC haven’t stated otherwise. We’ll be getting news on it next week.

Okay just making sure hopefully it’s not delayed because i’m pretty bored already. With all the hives being completed and horde without any real changes and broken pvp i get bored pretty fast. Everything gets stale 1-2 weeks in.

At this point I’m just playing simply for skins/Coins and grinding. Rarely have fun in pvp usually in a group of friends only.


I’m ready to be bored with the new OP after only 2 weeks because of some inevitable TC bulIshit.

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I say stop with the Ops and just dish out maps and skins and start or continue work on Gears 6 already. I mean, we won’t see anything about Gears 6 until 2022 E3 I bet.


uhmmmm 2021? idk what year you think you are in dude. :smile:

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Let them take a good time making a decent game in all its aspects and not a mediocre release like Gears 5 except for the campaign.

I mean, Gears 5 at the moment is fine (although it has its negative points that it has taken tc like the 4v4) but in its first operation the multiplayer was disastrous

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Wonderfully put. I do hope we get everything in this game before 6 though. I really do want my characters like Golden Hunter, Armored Kantus, and Locust zealot. You gotta think, Gears 6 may be the last Gears game. Also, I don’t want Gears 5 to turn out a barren wasteland of little to no content. I’m talking about characters and maps.

I want my legacy stuff most importantly. Gears 6 is stupid to rush because it ain’t gonna be hardly any different than this game. They might as well go off 5 for awhile.